“The 12 blows of noon”: the champion Bruno is eliminated after 252 participations

He left with a smile. Bruno, the champion of the “12 blows of noon” was eliminated this Tuesday, October 5 after more than 9 months in the game and 252 participations. “All good things come to an end”, launched fair-play the champion who gave way to Loris, 20 years old.

“I would like to congratulate Bruno and apologize. You are extraordinary. It is an honor to have been able to win against you”, launched the new midday master. “I’m not happy to have lost, but when I see Loris’ loved ones so moved, I am really happy for him,” Bruno conceded to Jean-Luc Reichman, very moved to see the man he affectionately nicknamed his “Fifou Dingo” leave.

“I lost on a tight fatal blow. The other candidate answered on the bell, me right after. I didn’t make a mistake. So I was relieved, it was the best ending I ever had. could dream. There is no regrets to be had. And then, the show needed a revival. Seeing me for nine months, it’s nice, but it takes change at some point “, Bruno told Sud Info.

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After 92 master strokes, 9 stars discovered and 1,026,107 euros in winnings and gifts, the 30-year-old Toulousain, who broke the world record for the number of individual participations in a game show, therefore said goodbye to the game. that made him famous. Tomorrow, Wednesday October 6, he will receive his check on the show’s set and will be able to say goodbye to the family of the “12 strokes of noon”.

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