Neither Batman nor Morbius will arrive in Russia: cinema and culture reject the conflict

The voices have been of rejection, from the boycott of film distributors to the donation of one million dollars from Ryan Reynolds or the humanitarian aid of chef José Andrés, the world of culture, music, cinema and even gastronomy says not to the war.

No movie premieres

Disney, Sony and Warner Bros canceled their releases in Russia: Disney the “Turning Red” (“Net” in some countries), Warner Bros. “TheBatman” and Sony has announced that it is suspending the release of “Morbius”scheduled for March 24.

The three distributors have canceled their closest releases and have announced that they will assess what to do with future releases depending on how the crisis evolves. The companies have positioned themselves on the side of the human tragedy of the population and, in the case of Disney, have announced collaborations with NGOs to help the displaced.

Netflix flouts new Russian law
Netflix announced that it will not comply with Russia’s new audiovisual law, which came into force on Tuesday and requires the platform to include content from twenty public channels in order to operate in the country. The legislation mandates the broadcast of content from media outlets close to the Kremlin such as Channel One, the NTV entertainment network and the Orthodox Church channel.

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Also the writers against
Hundreds of writers condemn the invasion. The world Pen association has published a letter signed by numerous authors, including Nobel laureates such as Orhan Pamuk or Svetlana Alexievich and writers like Margaret Atwood, Paul Auster or Salman Rushdie. In it they show their revulsion against the Russian invasion: “We are dismayed by the violence unleashed by Russian forces against Ukraine and we urgently call for an end to the bloodshed.”

Russia out of Eurovision
Eurovision prohibits Russia from participating in the contest this year. The festival retracted only a few hours after saying the opposite, alluding to its “non-political” character: the cancellation of Russia’s participation has been taken “in light of an unprecedented crisis in Ukraine.”

Outside of Milan, Paris and Munich, the director Valeri Guérguiev
The Scala opera house in Milan, the philharmonics of Paris, Munich and Rotterdam, in addition to the Bavarian State Opera (Germany) have decided to do without the Russian director Valeri Guérguiev, a personal friend of President Vladimir Putin and who has not wanted to condemn the invasion of Ukraine, as these institutions had requested.

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