Patrick Stewart weighs in on Doctor Strange

The actor who plays Professor Xavier has talked about how his character would have to feel in a confrontation

The news about the new movie Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madness They are like little pills for the viewer of what we can expect from the premiere on May 6. In this case, and after many doubts when seeing the new trailer, one of the protagonists of the X-Men saga has explained how one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel world would feel.

After the saga of films made by Foxthe characters were left hanging without a near future, until once all the rights were bought there was a “reset” of the characters and plots. James McAvoy was in charge of replacing the Englishman, playing Professor Charles Xavier in his youth.

It seems that fans have managed to discover Stewart in the new Doctor Strange trailer and it could become one of the main plots. Rumors about the appearance of the Illuminati group have skyrocketed and who knows if they will be one of the antagonists in the film.

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It is also true that the Doctor Strange will face his evil version, which we have seen in the animated series of Disney+.

The actual words of Patrick Stewart have been: “Professor X has to be very careful and think very carefully about what his moves are going to be with Doctor Strange, as he is potentially very dangerous and Charles has to be consistent with what he can do to him.”

It is not known if we will see a direct confrontation between two of the most powerful characters in the entire Marvel Universe, but what we will be able to see in the film is how different characters intermingle.

Leave us in the comments who you think would win in a possible battle.