Young Stranger Things star could join Marvel Studios

The Stranger Things series is one of the most popular on Netflix and one of its young actors could join the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe.

The movie black widow (2021) from Marvel Studios featured one of the actors from Stranger Thingssince we could see David Harbour What Alexei Shostakov / Red Guardian. This actor plays Jim Hopper in the Netflix series and another member of the program could make the leap to UCM.

Now Marvel Studios wants to have Finn Wolfhardbetter known as Mike Wheeler on Stranger Thingsbut we have also seen Ghostbusters: Beyond (2021) and When You Finish Saving the World (2022). He is certainly next to Millie Bobby Brown (Enola Holmes, Godzilla vs Kong), those who are taking advantage of the fame that the series gave them and more interesting projects are starring.

For Finn Wolfhard make the leap to Marvel Studios It would be a giant step for his film career, although for now we do not know what role they want him for. In a recent interview, he joked about the possibility of joining a superhero franchise saying that he wanted to be the “boy at computer” helping the heroes from a safe place. In fact, there were certain rumors that he would be a young version of Loki in the series of Disney PlusBut in the end that never happened. Although if they make a team made up of young avengersI’m sure he can play a most interesting character.

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Find Wolfhard and Stranger Things
Find Wolfhard and Stranger Things

The actor continues with his film career.

Regardless of whether he signs for Marvel Studios or not, the actor Finn Wolfhard Season 4 will be released soon Stranger Thingswhich will reach Netflix in two parts, the first on May 27, 2022 and the second on July 1, 2022. In addition, he will lend his voice to the series New-Gen already the movies The Legend of Och already the version of Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro.

Would you like to see Finn Wolfhard at Marvel Studios? What character could he play? Leave us your comments below in the opinion section.