TikTok will increase the length of videos to 10 minutes

TikTok is working on improving its service in different ways so that users and advertisers have better spaces to see each other. This means that the tests are oriented to one of the most essential features of the app, such as the duration of the videos. And it is that everything points to that soon we will see 10 minute videos on TikTok.

TikTok will let you upload videos of up to 10 minutes

It is a fact that developers allow users different functions depending on the type of application they offer. It is a fact that everything depends on the type of software in question, but in the multimedia field we have a wide and ever-widening variety of portals where you can enter and view all kinds of content.

If we focus on the video, one of the youngest is TikTok, which is working hard to offer its users a place to spend time and a good place to find target audience for all advertisers. But in the Chinese house they have realized that the duration of their videos is very important, so much so that they have increased it little by little.

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The point is that now you can watch up to 3 minutes in a row in a single video, but this does not seem enough to the firm and it is trying to give better results by increasing the times. A week ago we talked about the increase to 5 minutes of video on TikTok, but now everything indicates that this figure can be increased.

And it is that there are users like Matt Navarra who has shown that there are already users who have in their profile the possibility of upload videos up to 10 minutes. The duration is very long for what the company offered in its beginnings and more if we take into account the latest updates that it has given in this regard.

Getting closer to YouTube

TikTok will increase the length of the videos to no less than 10 minutes. the figure is very long, but if we compare it with other similar apps we find that it is a standard measure for a video in which to embed different ads. If we take YouTube as a reference, we find that users upload videos of about 10-15 minutes, which gives time to add several spaces of advertising content, something that the Chinese company also wants. We’ll see how users respond to these long videos in the future when they’re used to the immediacy and speed of swiping to the next video.

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