Thor: Love and Thunder filters an epic action scene with villains

The next movie from Marvel Studios, Thor: Love and Thunder, has leaked an epic action scene full of villains and enemies.

We haven’t even seen an official image or poster yet. Thor: Love and Thunder. The film has been finished for a long time, but it has come to a standstill around it due to the coronavirus pandemic. Marvel Studios has given priority to others projected and has left “parked” that of Taika Waititi. However, the merchandising of the tape is allowing us to see a lot of things. The other day he showed us the new hammer Mjölnir and now he has leaked one of the great action sequences that we will see in the cinema with the return of the God of Thunder.

This new LEGO set features a gigantic creature that launches an attack against New Asgard. Both the character of Chris Hemsworth like the new Goddess of Thunder they seem to mount a defense around the city. the figure of Gorr, the Butcher of Gods, is also included. Perhaps the villain played by Christian Bale on Thor: Love and Thunder He has been the one who has summoned this creature to devastate the new Asgardian domains. The truth is that it looks very epic just looking at the merchandising!

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We share with you this leak that we have seen on social networks:

What do you think? The Marvel Studios movie opens on July 8.

The story of this movie is still a real mystery.

It is surprising that in this LEGO set of Thor: Love and Thunder figure does not appear Valkyrie. the character of Tessa Thompson she’s going to be the new political leader of Asgard. Let’s hope her absence doesn’t amount to death, because the character has a lot of potential.

Be that as it may, the details of the plot of Thor: Love and Thunder remains an absolute secret. We know that the story will revolve around Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), who will become the powerful Goddess of Thunder. Valkyrie and some members of the Guardians of the Galaxy will also appear. And we will have an incredible villain, who if he looks like the one in the comics will give us goosebumps in the movies.

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In short, a Marvel Studios movie that has all the ingredients to succeed.