Albert of Monaco and his twins Jacques and Gabriella out at the stadium

Princess Charlene of Monaco is still recovering in a specialized establishment. Prince Albert recently gave his news, saying to “Monaco Matin” on February 17: “Princess Charlene is much better and I hope she will be back in the Principality very soon. “A news that had reassured the Monegasques about the princess absent from the Rock for several months. However, it would seem that the wife of the sovereign does not wish to return to live in the principality according to sources close to the princess who confided in “Here”. “She understood that returning to live in Monaco would not do her any good,” said one of them.

A family sports outing

While waiting for his recovery, Prince Albert wants to be there for Jacques and Gabriella as best he can. The monarch had for example taken his children with him during the COP26 which took place in Scotland, last October. A way according to him, to prepare them for their future diplomatic life. More recently, while he was staying in China during the Winter Olympics, Prince Albert had a nice thought for his twins. This February 27, Grace Kelly’s son went to the football match between AS Monaco and the Reims stadium with the two 7-year-old children. A sporting meeting that took place at the Louis II stadium in the principality. Despite the defeat of their team, the prince and his two children supported their players until the end, proudly displaying the Monegasque colors with a club scarf for Prince Albert and a cap for little Gabriella.

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