Miss Ukraine is ready to defend her country from Russia

The truth is that in addition to uploading stylized portraits and images of her daily life, the beauty queen has shown that his fondness for weapons and military practices are as important to her as exercise and wellness.

In different photos you can see Anastasiia in camouflage outfits for tactical exercises, while displaying the ease with which he handles long weapons.

Anastasiia Lenna in military training
Anastasiia Lenna in military training

The practice of airballwhich is kind of Gotchawas a recurring theme on Instagram Anastasiia Lenna in recent weeks, but it is only part of the intense physical training he has undergone.

“It all started with a love for health, a healthy body and sports. The appetite has grown. First running (a dozen half marathons on my shoulders, 21 km), then running obstacles, then running in extreme conditions, weapons courses, shooting, 12-hour challenge nights, motorcycles, catacombs, mountain tops, “explained the former beauty queen and model in another publication.

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