Will Adele release her next album next month?

His new profile photo, a bluish background mixing white and black, put his admirers in turmoil. It was enough for Adele to update her social networks on Monday, October 4 to confirm a rumor that has been spreading for weeks. The 33-year-old British singer is ready to give voice again, six years after the release of “25” which made her a little deeper into music history.

The best-selling album of 2015 by smashing all possible records in the United Kingdom and the United States, the record carried by the single “Hello” was followed by a large world tour which was just as successful.

But since then, nothing. Adele changed her life, leaving the London haze for the Californian sun with her son Angelo, born in 2012. Divorced but not resigned, the English singer took time for herself away from flashes. What arouse the curiosity of the British tabloids who shudder with each of his Instagram posts. Over the months, the young woman shows impressive weight loss that she ends up commenting on during the comedy show “Saturday Night Live” in the fall of 2020.

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A clue left by Taylor Swift

“I know I look very different from the last time you saw me. But in fact, because of all the Covid restrictions and all the travel bans, I had to travel light and I only brought half of me. And that’s the half I chose “, she has fun in front of a hilarious audience. If she lost a few pounds, Adele did not get rid of her humor or her special stamp. In a sequence mocking the “Bachelor” on the same show, she couldn’t help but cover some of her most famous songs. Proving that his voice was still there. “My album is not finished”, she admitted at the end of the program. A year later, her new baby seems ready to move the public.

So there was this change of profile picture, the reactivation of a Facebook page left fallow since the end of 2018 and the complete overhaul of its website which now offers to subscribe to a newsletter. No doubt to send the most curious all the practical information to get this precious object so coveted. There was also the mysterious appearance this weekend of the number “30” in several cities including Paris, London or New York. What if that was the title of Adele’s fourth album? Rather logical when you remember that her previous opus were called “19”, “21” and “25”, which are the ages she was when she started writing them.

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Some fans are already convinced, this new project will be unveiled on November 19. A final clue that they were drawn from Taylor Swift, who had chosen this date for the publication of the new version of her album “Red” before moving it forward a week. Maybe to avoid the worst possible competition. The American may sing in “You Need To Calm Down” that “all the girls who rock” carry “a crown”, the Englishwoman may well not share her title of queen of the charts with anyone at the end of the year.

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