The Netflix series in which Zendaya and Alexa Demie from “Euphoria” appeared

euphoria” is one of the productions that in recent times has become a boom on the small screen. having as protagonists to the actresses Zendaya and Alexa Demiethis series that recounts the daily life of a group of student adolescents is broadcast on HBO Max. However, the artists in question have also participated together in a Netflix drama that was canceled.

Zendaya Stoermer Coleman or known in the artistic environment, simply, as Zendayais an actress who has given much to talk about not only for being together with Tom Holland the couple of the moment, but also for being a great professional in the world of acting.

Zendaya stars in the series "Euphoria" (Photo: Zendaya / Instagram)
Zendaya stars in the series “Euphoria” (Photo: Zendaya / Instagram)

While Alexa Demi She has also achieved great success in her career as an actress and has participated, in 2013, in the music video for the song ATM Jam by Azealia Banks with Pharrell Williams, but in 2016 she made her debut as an actress in a television series.

Over time, both actresses have belonged to different productions that have helped them on their way to stardom, but it should also be noted that at some point they both participated in a Netflix series.

Alexa Demie is a renowned actress who has participated in several productions (Photo: Medyapım / MF Yapım)
Alexa Demie is a renowned actress who has participated in several productions (Photo: Medyapım / MF Yapım)


At the moment Zendaya and alexa demie star in the HBO Max series “euphoria” where they have won over the public playing the characters of rue and Maddyrespectively.

In real life, the actresses are part of a group of talented young people who, according to experts, have a promising future in acting. But despite this, in 2019 there was a fact that has caught the attention of fans of “euphoria” and the artists mentioned.

It turns out that at that time both participated in a series that was canceled by Netflix. This production was titledThe OA”. According to the Sensacine portal, in the second season of “The OA”, the actress Zendaya She played the role of Fola, a young woman who had to solve a great mystery about the meaning of human life.

Alexa Demie in “Euphoria” (Photo: Medyapım / MF Yapım)
Alexa Demie in “Euphoria” (Photo: Medyapım / MF Yapım)

For its part, alexa demie She played the character of Ingrid, who, despite the fact that her role was not that relevant, her work was very good, especially in the episode entitled “Treasure Island”, where OA discovers what really happened to her friends at the hands of Hap.


Although there is no specific answer to what caused the cancellation of this Netflix production, specialists point out that this would happen with productions on the streaming platform that do not accumulate adequate fandom to carry out more than two seasons.

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