Dave Grohl, the ex-drummer of Nirvana, has “lots of ideas” to modify the cover of “Nevermind”

The affair has already gone around the world, scandalizing many rock fans. 30 years after the fact, Spencer Elden, the young American who posed in the simplest device at the age of 4 months on the album cover Nevermind, sues the American group for “dissemination of child pornography and “child exploitation“.

In his complaint, filed in late August in a court in California, he asks that the cliché no longer be exploited in the future, and claims $ 150,000 from each of the 15 people named in his complaint. Among them, Courtney Love, the widow of singer Kurt Cobain, as well as the two surviving members of the group, bassist Krist Novoselic and drummer Dave Grohl.

If the first had published two alternative covers of Nevermind on his Instagram account in early September, without commenting, the second had never spoken so far. In an interview with Sunday Times, the one who has offered a second successful career at the head of the Foo Fighters says he is ready to accept the request of Spencer Elden.

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I think you gain more by looking to the future and enjoying life, rather than getting bogged down in this kind of stuff.– Dave Grohl, in the “Sunday Times”

I’ve got plenty of ideas on how we should tweak this artwork, but we’ll see what happens.“Says the 52-year-old musician, without assuming the outcome of the proceedings.”We will tell you what it is. I’m sure we’ll find something good.”

Dave Grohl does not speak on the merits of the case. But he is careful not to criticize the approach of Spencer Elden. “I think you get more out of it by looking to the future and enjoying life, rather than getting bogged down in that kind of stuff. And luckily it’s not for me to fill out the administrative paperwork“, he quipped.

Since the media coverage of the complaint, many lawyers have spoken in the American press, believing that it had little chance of success. “It’s not a question of money, it’s a question of respecting your privacy“, defended at the end of August the representative of Spencer Elden on CNN.”The focal point of the image is on the minor’s genitals (…) It is a hyper-sexualized image, and it constitutes child pornography..”

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The controversy snapshot was taken in 1991, a few weeks before the release of Nevermind. At the time the photographer Kirk Weddle paid the parents of the child to the tune of 200 dollars. Since then, the record has become a rock classic, selling 30 million copies worldwide. The image of Spencer Elden naked appears on posters, t-shirts and other merchandising products… and for now on the anniversary reissue which will go on sale on November 12th.

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