From behind, Daniella Chávez bets everything and leaves little to the imagination

Daniella Chávez has more than 15 million followers on Instagram, a platform where she displays all her beauty daily. However, what she never reveals is her partner, whom she married this past weekend. La Conejita only showed a compilation of her wedding.

16 years ago Daniella he is in a relationship but has never wanted to show it so very little is known about him. The lucky one is called Ariel Gutiérrez, he is an engineer in business administration with a major in marketing and has a daughter. They both met when she was very young.

In addition to being her partner, the man also works with her since he takes all her photos. She told it that way Chavez when he was in Dancing for a Dream. Martín Cárcamo questioned her about it and the former Playboy model replied: “We’ve gotten along too well.” The only break was “maybe before the year. But a year later my daughter arrived and that strengthened us much more. We are accomplices. He is a photographer as you can see. He takes all the photos for me.”

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For her part, the only time Ariel gave interviews was when Daniella He had a problem with the Minsal inspectors, who went several times a day to check his quarantine for Covid-19.

In the last hours, the model shared a video on Instagram with the greeting “Good day”. In it, she is seen walking with her back to a glass window, covered only by white padding. The publication exceeded 100 thousand likes and 800 comments. “Soñada” and “How lucky the one who records… must be her partner!” were some of them.

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