Spider-Man No Way Home: The recreation of the spider-man meme was Andrew Garfield’s idea

After more than two months of one of the biggest secrets in the recent history of cinema (an open secret as a result of leaks prior to the premiere), finally Sony Pictures makes official the presence of the two previous cinematic Spider-Man in Spider-Man: No Way Homethat is, the Peter Parkers of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfieldwho have joined Tom Holland to open the gates of the Spiderverse at the movies. And it is that coinciding with the official presentation of the domestic editions of the film, unpublished material from the shooting has been published and among which is a nice photograph with the three arachnid protagonists imitating the iconic spider-man meme, pointing to each other. But whose idea was it?

New trailer for the bonus content of No Way Home

And it is that despite the fact that in the film there is a scene that is recreated in a much more subtle way, the three actors did not want to miss the opportunity to recreate the meme in a clear way, something that emerged from the jocular mind of Andrew Garfield in the midst of filming. So told Tom Holland to Deadline: “Garfield had ideas like cracking Tobey’s back and also coming up with the idea of ​​pointing at us, it was all we came up with that day. It was so much fun being able to play with three guys in Spider-Man suits… Sharing it with these guys will forever be one of the most special experiences of my career.”

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So much so, that the garfield improvisation was key to pulling off some of the funniest scenes in the movie between the three Spider-Man; This is how the actor recently related it: “We were trying to figure out how we were going to make the meme of pointing at each other in some way, it took us a while, it happened naturally in that scaffold scene with Peter 1, Peter 2, Peter 3, like other things.”

don’t miss the new trailer at the beginning of this same news of the extra contents of the Blu-ray and DVD editions of Spider-Man: No Way Homefull of outtakes and interviews with the actors.

Source | Sony Pictures