Soprano in “Seven to eight”: “I still hope to find my child born under X”

He is known for his kindness and his legendary smile. Audrey Crespo-Mara dedicates her portrait of the week to Soprano, this Sunday, August 29 in “Seven to eight”. The successful rapper and coach of “The Voice Kids” looks back on his incredible journey. Because nothing predestined this son of Comorian immigrants born in the northern districts of Marseille to become the first rapper to fill the Vélodrome stadium. Until music turns his life upside down.

“During the week, I was at the school of the Republic and at the weekend, at the Muslim school. It was there that I discovered music with religious songs and the call to prayer”, remembers the artist, now 42 years old. “And then Michael Jackson came along when I was 5! I told myself that I wanted to be like him, even if I was not good at dancing backwards! But I wanted to put stars in the eyes of the people”, he admits.

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I don’t know if he’s alive, if he’s healthy. It is complicated– Soprano

In love with words, he then began to rap and set up a group with his cousins ​​and his childhood friend, Psy 4 De La Rime. But he still retains a melancholy that never leaves him, due to a deep wound of his youth. “I was with a girl and we had a child at 16. But we were too young. She placed the child in the DDASS without notifying me. He was born under X, (…) and as I did not recognize him, I am not considered his father. And it hurts me, because at the moment I do not know if he is alive, if he is in good health. C ‘is complicated “, admits Soprano who released the song in 2007 Talk to me for this son he never knew. Does he still hope to find him? “Yes, I still hope, like all dads.”

Very marked, Soprano admits having even thought of ending his life. “It was a very complicated period, luckily there was music, I was able to let go of everything inside so as not to do more stupid things”, continues the singer who is now the father of three children: two daughters, Inaya and Luna born in 2007 and 2012, and a son, Lenny, born in 2009.

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Soprano also evokes the disappearance of his father, carried away last year by the Covid. “In the Comoros, hospitals are not well equipped. If he had been in France, he could have been treated and he would still be alive.” esteems the singer with emotion. “It’s hard because we could have done otherwise. But I think he left proud of his son. I did everything to bury him with dignity and for my mother to be at peace and for my family to be. welded. I hope it will continue “.

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