The prejudices: that the ecologists speak of ecology, the average city, that is true, Tintin / Asterix, autodafé for children, and China, it forms the youth!

Since the start of this campaign of the environmentalist primary, Renaud Pila believes that the candidates do not talk much about ecology. Him for example, he would like to know their position on nuclear power or wind turbines, if they all have the same solution to fight against pollution, waste management in metropolitan areas, or even on livestock which accentuates the effect. greenhouse and deforestation.

In the last twelve months, it is in rural municipalities that property prices have risen the most (+ 6.4%). Conversely, in Paris, which is less popular with buyers, they fell 1.5% over the same period. The new real estate world is taking shape. Teleworking has boosted the attractiveness of these long neglected municipalities. According to Pascal Perri, the average city, there is only that true.

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