This is war: Michelle Soifer had the scare of her life after losing an earring of 50 thousand dollars

The singer and member of the reality show ‘This is war’, Micheille Soifer had the scare of her life by losing one of her Swarovki earrings valued at more than 50 thousand dollars.

This happened during the first parade of This Is War when she inadvertently dropped one of her earrings. Micheille was very worried in front of the cameras of “América Hoy” when the reporter approached her to interview her.

The interpreter of ‘La Nena’ recounted the worrying moment she experienced at the end of the parade. “I just lost my almost 50 thousand dollar earring”, pointed out the singer, who clarified that she bought that jewel because it is “an independent woman”.

The reporter from “America Today” did not hesitate to help her look for the precious jewel, after several minutes she managed to find it, she was in a corner of the set on the beach, from where the competition reality show is broadcast.

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In gratitude, Michelle gave him a big hug for the important discovery. Soifer happily showed the recovered earring to the cameras, which would not be valued at the amount of money that she indicated, apparently it would have only been a joke.

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