Miss France 2021: take the general culture test of the candidates

It is a dreaded ordeal. This Tuesday, the 29 candidates for the title of Miss France 2021 took the famous test of general culture. A key test for beauty queens if they want to hope to be part of the semi-finalists. Last year, for example, Clémence Botino, Miss France 2020, won the event with 17.5 / 20.

Gathered in a palace close to the Palace of Versailles, the young women answered a questionnaire prepared by Sylvie Tellier, the general manager of the organization Miss France, with the help of Thomas Séminel, the editor of the game of TF1 “Les 12 Coups de midi”. Presented in the form of multiple choice questions, the test comprises 40 questions divided into four main categories: Revisions, News, France in the world and To go further. If you fancy playing the game, you will find the answers at the end. To your pens!


1) In what year did the very first performance of the Puy du Fou Cinéscénie take place?

a – 1968

b – 1978

c – 1988

2) In the history of France, which sovereign was nicknamed “the emperor with the flowered beard”?

a – Clovis

b – Francis I

c – Charlemagne

3) Who wrote “The Three Musketeers”?

a – Jules Verne

b – Victor Hugo

c – Alexandre Dumas

4) What city was once called Lutèce?

a – Paris

b – Rome

c – Athens

5) In mathematics, what is the name of the half-line which divides an angle into two equal angles?

a – The median

b – The mediator

c – The bisector

6) Which architect designed and built the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles?

a -Jules Hardouin-Mansart

b – Louis Le Vau

c – André Le Nôtre

7) In 2011, which territory became the 101st French department?

a – Guyana

b –Mayotte

c – Martinique

8) In France, which institution brings together the Senate and the National Assembly?

a – Parliament

b – The Congress

c – The Supreme Court

9) Who was Jean Moulin?

a- A resistant

b- A scientist

c- A minister

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10) Which character from a novel sings “I fell to the ground, it’s Voltaire’s fault”?

a- Rémi without family

b- Carrot Hair

c- Gavroche

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Miss France 2021: the candidates take the general culture test


1) Which animal with scales has been accused of having transmitted the coronavirus to humans?

a – The anteater

b- The bat

c- The pangolin

2) Which actor plays Alex, the hero of the film ‘Miss’?

a – Hugo Gélin

b – Alexandre Weather

c – Thibault de Montalembert

3) Which famous fashion designer moved the fashion world by organizing their last show in January 2020?

a – Jean-Paul Gaultier

b -Christian Lacroix

c -Pierre Cardin

4) Which 1998 football world champion was proud to see his son join the France team in November 2020?

a – Didier Deschamps

b – Zinedine Zidane

c – Lilian Thuram

5) Which ministry is headed by Éric Dupond-Moretti?

a- La Justice

b – Health

c – The interior

6) What is the name of the very first Vice President of the United States, elected in November 2020?

a – Hillary Clinton

b – Condoleeza Rice

c – Kamala Harris

7) Which TV host launched her women’s magazine last November?

a – Sophie Favier

b – Sophie Davant

c – Sidonie Bonnec

8) In February 2020, which singer received the Victoire de la Musique for the Female Artist Performer?

a – Apple

b – Suzane

c – Clara Luciani

9) Which sailing race started in Les Sables-d’Olonne last month?

a – The Jules Verne Trophy

b – The Route du Rhum

c – The Vendée Globe

10) What feature for posting videos did the Instagram app launch in June 2020?

a – The Reels

b – Les Story

c – The igtv


1) Which French series is really successful abroad under the name “Call My Agent”?

a – “The Flame”

b – “Ten Percent”

c – “Gears”

2) Which Parisian monument created by Ieoh Ming Pei is famous around the world?

a – The Louvre Pyramid

b – The Obelisk of Concorde

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c – The Center Pompidou

3) In Menton, who is the chef of Mirazur, the best restaurant in the world in 2019?

a – Gilles Goujon

b – Philippe Etchebest

c – Mauro Colagreco

4) This year, which French artist ranked at the top of the American Billboard thanks to the series “Emily In Paris”?

a – Mylène Farmer

b – Edith Piaf

c – Christine and the Queens

5) Which French CEO is the husband of actress Salma Hayek?

a – Arnaud Lagardère

b – François-Henri Pinault

c – Bernard Arnault

6) Which French woman headed the International Monetary Fund (IMF) until 2019?

a – Edith Cresson

b – Christine Lagarde

c – Nadine Morano

7) Who is the last Frenchwoman to receive an Oscar for Best Actress?

a -Simone Signoret

b – Marion Cotillard

c – Isabelle Huppert

8) Which French singer-songwriter-director-graphic designer has made music videos for Katy Perry, Lana Del Rey and Drake?

a – Jean-Michel Jarre

b – Woodkid

c – Benjamin Biolay

9) Which actress plays Madeleine Swann in the next film in the “James Bond” saga?

a – Monica Bellucci

b – Lea Seydoux

c – Marion Cotillard

10) Which contemporary French writer is the most read in the world?

a – Marc Lévy

b – Michel Houellebecq

c – Guillaume Musso


1) What was the name of the 1st Miss elected in 1920?

a – Agnès Souret

b – Mareva Georges

c – Claudine Cassereau

2) What is Pouilly fumé?

a – A wine

b – A cheese

c – A ham

3) In which region are the series “Tomorrow belongs to us” and “Here everything begins” filmed?

a – PACA

b – Occitanie

c – Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

4) Under what nickname is the influencer Léna Mahfouf known?

a – Lena 2.0

b – Léna Situations

c – Léna Power

5) Since 1967, which French city has hosted the secretariat of Santa Claus?

in Lille

b – Limoux

c – Libourne

6) To which comedians do we owe the song “Auteuil-Neuilly-Passy”?

a – Dummies

b – The We C We

c – The Unknowns

7) What is an MOF?

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a – A French overseas minister

b – A Blacksmith

c -A Meilleur Ouvrier de France

8) What is the most widely distributed news daily in France?

a – The Parisian

b – The Mountain

c – West France

9) What is the nationality of the winner of the Tour de France 2020?

a – French

b -Belgium

c – Slovenian

10) According to the rules of good manners, one should not say “bon appétit” at the beginning of a meal. What should we say instead?

a – Good meal

b -Good tasting

c – Especially not to say anything

And here are the answers


1) B – 1978

2) C- Charlemagne

3) C – Alexandre Dumas

4) A – Paris

5) C – Bisector

6) A – Jules Hardouin-Mansart

7) B –Mayotte

8) A – Parliament

9) A – A resistant

10) C – Gavroche


1) C – The pangolin

2) B – Alexandra Weather

3) A – Jean-Paul Gaultier

4) C – Lilian Thuram

5) A – La justice

6) C – Kamala Harris

7) B – Sophie Davant

8) C – Clara Luciani

9) C – Vendée Globe

10) A – The real ones


1) B – Ten percent

2) A – The Louvre pyramid

3) C – Mauro Colagreco

4) B – Édith Piaf

5) B – François-Henri Pinault

6) B – Christine Lagarde

7) B – Marion Cotillard

8) B – Woodkid

9) B – Léa Seydoux

10) A – Marc Lévy


1) A – Agnès Souret

2) A – A wine

3) B – Occitanie

4) B – Léna Situations

5) C – Libourne

6) C – The Unknowns

7) C – A Meilleur Ouvrier de France

8) C – West France

9) C – Slovenian

10) C – Especially say nothing

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