How to watch online the matches of Barcelona, ​​Real Sociedad, Sevilla and Betis in the Europa League today, February 24

Go two weeks for football fans without a doubt, because apart from the respective leagues, in just 3 days there have been matches from the Champions League and the Europa League. And if 48 hours ago we were watching Atlético de Madrid draw 1-1 against Manchester Unity in the Champions League, this afternoon it’s more, much more.

FC Barcelona, ​​Real Betis, Real Sociedad and Sevilla FC in the Europa League

And it is that along with the Champions we also have the Europa League, and also with four Spanish teams playing to stay in the competition and go to the final rounds. And just like last week, all four play on the same day, so what an afternoon – a night of European football excitement.

At 18:45 we have the Seville FC, who travels to the Stadion Maksimir to face off with the Dinamo de Zagreb; at the same time the Real society defends his stay at home against a RB Leipzig who plays in the opposite field. Then at 21:00 the Barça travels to Italy to face the Naples in his fiefdom, and the Real Betis defends his points at the Benito Villamarín against the Zenit.

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See Barcelona and Betis and Sevilla and Real Sociedad online at the same time

If you are subscribed to Movistar+ and you are not at home, you can always watch the matches of these days through the operator’s official app, which allows you to view your content on demand and live on mobile and tablet. Just download the application, enter your start data and you will immediately have access to the games, in addition to Aura, an assistant that you can use with voice or text commands to check the programming, see new content or tune in to a channel.

The application allows things like watching the matches from the beginning even if you have arrived late, controlling the live broadcast; start watching the game at home and continue on your mobile if you have to go out, or vice versa.

By Movistar+

If you are at home or next to a TV with Movistar+, you can watch the Champions League matches on TV or tune in to another one that takes place at the same time on your smartphone or tablet with the app. Playback will be simultaneous and there will be no problem seeing them at the same time at 18:45 and 21:00.

You can see the Royal Society – Leipzig on Dial 51 and the Dinamo Zagreb – Seville on Dial 52 at 6:45 p.m. Then at 9:00 p.m. Napoli – Barcelona by Dial 50 and the Betis – Zenit by Dial 63, which corresponds to GOAL channel.

Then we leave you the app on Android and iOS so that you can access the match of matches if you are not at home.

Marketplace app Movistar+ Android

Download Movistar+ iOS app

By Orange

Being broadcast by Movistar LaLiga, it means that you can also see the meetings for other services that have the same channel, like OrangeTV:

You can see the Royal Society – Leipzig at Dial 116 and the Dinamo Zagreb – Seville on Dial 128 at 6:45 p.m. Then at 21:00 the Naples – Barcelona for him Dial 114 and the Betis – Zenit by Dial 109which corresponds to the GOL channel.

Bajar app OrangeTV Android

Bajar app OrangeTV iOS