“Dance with the stars”: what has become of Jean-Baptiste Maunier, the little hero of the “Chorists”?

It’s the kind of role that marks you for life. Jean-Baptiste Maunier was only 13 years old when Christophe Barratier entrusted him with the role of little Pierre in The chorists facing Gérard Jugnot, with more than 8 million tickets sold in 2004. Soloist in a choir, the little boy who grew up in the suburbs of Lyon also performs the soundtrack, which sells to 800,000 copies. A thunderous start to his career which saw him join the famous Enfoirés troupe, a sacred privilege at his young age.

Too high, too fast? Jean-Baptiste alternates between music and cinema, without returning to the heights of the box office. He gives the answer to Nicolas Duvauchelle and Clémence Poésy in a new adaptation of the novel The great Meaulnes, which does not achieve the expected success. Then stars in Hellphone, a fantastic comedy by James Huth, the director of Brice de Nice, shunned by the general public.

After passing his baccalaureate, and making an appearance in Auberge Rouge, where he found Gérard Jugnot, the young man moved to the United States from 2008 to 2009. In New York, he improved his English, taking comedy lessons at the famous Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. We find him three years later in the TV movie Merlin, on TF1, while he multiplies the projects, from short films to theater pieces. Without ever forgetting the music since in 2016, he published his first EP entitled Sleepless nights.

Will his participation in “Dance with the stars” allow him to regain the heights, when he has just celebrated his 30th birthday? “I want to make my family proud”, explains the actor in an interview with Star TV. “It’s a perfect show to let people know each other’s personalities, rediscover others and have many surprises as you go along.“, he admits.

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On the backstage side, Jean-Baptise will perhaps take advantage of his participation in DALS to evoke the most beautiful role of his life. In February 2019, he indeed became the father of a little Ezra, the fruit of his love with Léa Arnezeder, the sister of the actress Nora Arnezeder. A happiness that he does not hesitate to share with his subscribers on social networks.

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