“He was a warrior”, the world of culture salutes the artist Bernard Tapie

Singers, directors and politicians paid a poignant tribute to Bernard Tapie, who passed away this Sunday morning at the age of 78.

In addition to politics, sport and the press, Bernard Tapie disappeared this Sunday morning, at the age of 78, has distinguished himself in song, cinema and theater. An eclectic journey that has helped forge its popularity. The announcement of his death aroused great emotion among those who knew the artist.

“The life he has lived, the business, the actor he has been, have always been examples. He did everything according to his soul and his heart and it was very beautiful, I regret it very much. I loved him a lot, we adored each other, we talked often, one often helped the other. He was fed up, he tried everything and did everything to hold on, he couldn’t and that’s fine, now he’s free ”. It is in these terms that Alain Delon expressed his immense grief to our colleagues in LCI.

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Equally moved, Claude Lelouch, who gave him a role in Men, women, instructions for use, alongside Fabrice Luchini and Pierre Arditi, reacted on Cnews, saluting the combativeness of the one who “Was not afraid of anything”: “A warrior will always be a warrior. He needed fighting (…). He had the opportunity to taste all the flavors. Even those who smell bad. He had a sublime life, he lived the craziest moments, he knew the ups and downs. He was not afraid of death, he was afraid of nothing, and especially not of death. I think that where he is he will be able to continue to jump the obstacles. “

Comments corroborated by former Minister of Culture Jack Lang on Franceinfo . «Like all men of great temperament, of great strength, he was both worshiped and shouted at, he was in turn admired and hated. It was synonymous with combat, courage, intelligence, exceptional intelligence, an ability to respond, to invent, to create. If he had had greater responsibilities, he would have contributed to a more profound change in our country. ”

Asked by BFMTV, the theater producer and friend of Bernard Tapie, Philippe Hersen notably returned to his professionalism: “He was the boss, he watched everything: the slightest technical problem, the slightest bad response from such and such a partner. He managed to assimilate everything on a set. I had the opportunity to put him on stage two or three times, and luckily I had this bond with him, because he was the real boss, the leader.».

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The writer and director Philippe Labro, who was one of the first to react on social networks, celebrated “A man, a real man.”

Rapper Doc Gyneco, who sang in duet with Bernard Tapie the title Life is Beautiful, greeted in all sobriety “his friend”.

While singer and dancer Matt Pokora, OM fan, pays tribute to the Boss, “The architect behind my passion for OM. The one who built this team which, like many kids of my generation, made me fall in love with this club ”.

In a more humorous vein, cartoonist Plantu, who retired last March, published an old cover of the World.

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