Oscars 2022: Brutal controversy over the absence of categories!

The absence of some categories in the celebration of the Oscars 2022 has generated a brutal controversy in social networks against the awards.

The Oscars 2022 They never stop generating controversy. After what happened with Dune and Denis Villeneuve Then came the controversy between Cinderella and Spider-Man: No Way Home. However, now it has directly splashed the celebration of the ceremony. The event itself, wow. Apparently, the Academy Awards to be broadcast on March 27 on ABC have decided not to broadcast eight of the categories. That is, the delivery of eight of the statuettes that will be given that night will not be issued. The public will not be able to see it, they will only know the result. Something that has generated a spontaneous reaction on social networks, which has harshly criticized the Academy’s decision.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is currently in a serious bind. Last year he had to face one of the lowest audiences of all time, with less than ten million viewers. Every year, the organization tries to change the ceremony, often with decisions that are counterproductive. Instead of promoting the broadcast of important trailers, such as Thor: Love and Thunder O The Flash, have made a new and controversial decision. The most sensible thing would be for the 2022 Oscars to resemble the Super Bowl, but they have preferred another route.

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A proposal that is not new: it was already tried in 2018!

As reported The Hollywood Reporter, the Academy has made the decision not to broadcast eight of the ceremony’s categories. These eight categories of the 2022 Oscars correspond to Documentary Short Film, Editing, Makeup/Hairdressing, Original Soundtrack, Production Design, Animated Short Film, Short Film and Sound. The awards ceremony will take place at the Dolby Theatre, but it will be an hour before the start of the broadcast. Therefore, the delivery will be recorded for later editing and broadcast live. This is the second time trying to do this. In 2018 it also wanted to be carried out, for the industry reacted violently against the proposal.