TF1 and LCI coach expert women to accelerate their presence in the media

They are economists, climatologists, scientists, doctors or penalists. However, these women of knowledge, with singular and remarkable backgrounds, have a much harder time getting into the light than their male counterparts. And are therefore often less visible on television sets. In 2016, the TF1 group decided to conduct a survey to measure the representation of women experts in its newspapers and news magazines. And the observation was relentless: women represented only 34% of people seen in the channel’s television news, and 22% of expert speakers.

Faced with this assessment, the group launched the “Experts à la Une” operation in order to increase their visibility on its branches. A few years have passed and progress has been made: in 2020, more than 41% of women are present in the channel’s reports, and nearly 30% of experts. But the bet has not yet been won. It was therefore decided to go further by creating the very first promotion of “Experts à la Une”, which brings together 15 professionals aged 25 to 60, from sectors as varied as health, medical research, justice. , security (police and gendarmerie), artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship, the economy, geopolitics or even the climate.

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A year under the tutoring of TF1 and LCI employees

And as it took an honorary godmother to chaperone all this little world, Elisabeth Badinter agreed to take on this role. For this woman of letters and philosopher, “it is above all to do a work of justice”. “When there are gaps like that between men and women, as important in any field whatsoever, it seems an injustice to me and I think it’s good to take these initiatives”, she emphasizes.

After a launch day of the promotion organized on Monday March 8 – Women’s Rights Day -, moderated by Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, the experts will have the opportunity to benefit for a year from a mentoring program under the sponsorship / sponsorship TF1 and LCI editorial staff, including Anne-Claire Coudray, Gilles Bouleau, Marie-Aline Meliyi and Julien Arnaud, as well as many editors and journalists from the TF1 group.

The goal for these expert women? “Being immersed in writing with journalists, learning to popularize their words, to structure their speech and to gain self-confidence, but also to be trained to speak in front of a camera to increase their presence in meetings. information. A way in fine to legitimize their know-how and their status so that they can then express themselves in all the media “, details Christelle Chiroux, editor-in-chief at TF1 and author of the podcast “Experts à la Une”.

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Lieutenant Colonel Françoise Poulain is one of these recruits. At 39, this gendarmerie officer has already held several territorial command posts, including that of the Vannes gendarmerie company in Morbihan. “For four years, I had 170 soldiers from the gendarmerie under my command, 20% of whom were women, and I was responsible for the security of 190,000 people”, she stresses proudly.

In training for a year at war school, she could see herself a jour lead an army. But the television world, apparently hostile to women, still needs to be tamed. “It’s a world I don’t know at all”, she says, considering her participation in this promotion “like a chance”.It is also a human adventure to meet journalists who do a different job from ours. In my opinion, it will be very rich. Because the more we know each other, the better we can work together. And then the goal is obviously to contribute to the visibility of women in the media “, she adds.

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“EXPERTS A LA UNE” goes to meet those who have things to say. Their speech will not be interrupted by the sound of a louder or lower voice. Experts will be in the spotlight in this podcast because knowledge should not be reduced to half of Humanity. The guests are legitimate women in their areas of expertise, their voices must be heard. Sometimes too invisible, I dive into each episode in the heart of their intimate or professional universe, in the form of a conversation to put them in the spotlight.

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