VIDEO – With his huge frescoes on sand, this artist plays with the tides

Originally from Biarritz, Samuel Dougados, known as Sam, is an artist who creates giant frescoes on the sand of beaches at low tide. The 20H of TF1 went to meet this man who makes his sensitivity a strength. The opportunity to discover some of his works called “beach art”. Sam draws shapes in the sand that are as breathtaking as they are ephemeral. In fact, he usually only has two hours before the tide rises to create his works of art. Once swept away by the waves, its canvas becomes blank again and everything has to be started over forever.

With his rake, Sam lets himself be guided as he pleases. He improvises his drawings and feels free and in harmony with nature. “It’s the most beautiful studio in the world. I have sand under my feet, I have spray under my tongue, the smell, the sound of the waves”, he says. Each creation is a surprise for walkers but also for him because he does not always know what he is going to draw in advance. He is inspired by each beach, each country he visits and refines his design according to the place in which he is located.

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The sensitivity of this artist comes from a tragic event in his adolescence. “My parents had a very serious accident when I was twelve years old, my father was disabled for a very long time. He relearned to live, breathe, walk and he fought to continue to have fun with what he was doing. he had”, he confides.

If by my intervention I can help people who pass by, I will have achieved something– Sam, beach writer

The many passers-by who walk on the beaches are also a source of inspiration for Sam. He likes to exchange with them on his creations and sometimes makes them participate when he immortalizes his drawings through photography. “If by my intervention, I can help people who pass, if they see this drawing and if they stop, I will have achieved something. I want to make them aware of this moment, of the beauty that surrounded”, he testifies. A photographer, then, but also a writer, painter and sculptor, Sam is a jack-of-all-trades, as we can see on his website.

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To conclude his work, Sam prints his photos on brushed aluminum in order to keep track of his creations and make them lasting. “The Earth, man, nature, fauna, flora, it’s a bit like a big marble with everything inside. We are part of a single element but we are all different but all together on the same planet “.

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