Why did Justin Bieber (really) want to meet Emmanuel Macron?

Who benefits from communication? Without fanfare, Justin Bieber was received this Monday by the Macron couple at the Elysee Palace, along with his young wife, Hailey Baldwin. From a close source, it is assured that it is the Canadian singer himself who would have requested this meeting to talk about youth and the climate, a vast program therefore. On the form, nothing surprising. In July 2017, Bono took advantage of a U2 concert in Paris to defend with the newly elected president the action of ONE, his association which fights against poverty.

It was quite a peculiar conversation, as I have rarely had“, hired at the exit this old truck of humanitarian aid from the steps of the Élysée. Good friends, the two men then met again in September 2018 to discuss relations between Europe and Africa. At stake, the promise to bring development aid “at 0.55% of GDP in 2022“, compared to 0.38% in 2016.

Not very “connected” politics

During the summer of 2017, we remember that the Macron couple had also received a visit from Rihanna. Godmother of the Global Partnership for Education (PME), the star of Barbados had solicited the French president via social networks, with his title of “humanitarian personality of the year“, submitted a few weeks earlier by Harvard University.”I can’t believe how amazing he was“, was moved the singer who had found the French president a few months later in Dakar, the opportunity to announce a significant increase in the financial contribution of France to the SME.

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And Justin Bieber in all of this? In terms of commitment, the interpreter of “Baby” is still a bit novice. “I’ve never been very much into politics, but if you’re in America, please register to vote. It’s more important than ever“, he wrote to his 110 million followers on Twitter last October. From there to say that he contributed to the defeat of Donald Trump …

A new man

It must be said that there are still a few months, it is with his own demons that the ex-idol of teenagers was struggling. In the fall of 2019, in a long letter posted on Instagram, the ex-child star confided that he had used hard drugs from the age of 19, destabilized by his precocious notoriety. Returning to his childhood escapades, he even admitted to having “badly behaved“in all his dealings with women. A public mea culpa in which he thanked Hailey, his wife, who taught him”patience, confidence, commitment, kindness, humility and whatever it takes to be a good man“.

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This balance found, the Canadian will sing about the well-named Changes, in 2020, then on Justice, released last March. A record on which he does not hesitate to sample the speeches of Martin Luther King, between two ballads on his marital happiness. Even awkward, the tribute will be greeted by the own daughter of the leader of the civil rights movement, convinced that the notoriety of the young singer can not hurt the fight against racism in the America of Black Lives Matter.

I am inspired by black culture“, explained the young man in June 2020 on Instagram after the death of George Floyd.”In my style, the way I sing, dance, perform, dress (…) I pledge to use my platform to speak out against racial injustice and systemic oppression and to identify ways to participate in needed change.”

What has not changed, however, is the place occupied by the Christian faith in the singer’s life. Since he said in 2017 he wanted “live like jesusJustin Bieber does not miss an opportunity to preach the good word. Last April, he visited Lancaster, Calif., Prison where he spoke with inmates on a religious rehabilitation program. , set up by a local pastor Did his visit to the Élysée convince the Macrons to join the ranks of his “Beliebers”?

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