What is today’s word in Wordle? Clues to guess the solution to challenge 48

Since the beginning of Wordle, its popularity has not stopped growing until it has become a viral game. It is a very simple game, for all audiences. No need to download any app and you can play online totally free in Spanish. Today it’s time to face the challenge number 48 to guess a word 5 letters in 6 attempts on Wordle.

Tricks to Guess Wordle’s Daily Challenge Word in 6 Attempts

  • Use the first trials to write words that include the common vowels and consonants of the Spanish alphabet: A, E, I, O, U, S, R, N, M, L
  • Don’t rule out the possibility of repeat some letters if the double letters of the alphabet are marked in green: C, L, R.
  • Use the strategy of starting to play with the same words every dayas long as they have been helpful in solving words the previous days.
  • preserves the letters marked in green on the next try and reposition the letters that have appeared in yellow.
  • Look at the letters that have been marked on gray to discard words that contain them in subsequent attempts.
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Solution for Wordle challenge 48 of February 23, 2022

The following 5 tracks will help you find the solution for today’s word:

  1. There are 2 vowels and 3 consonants
  2. The type of word is noun
  3. Start and end with a consonant
  4. It does not have repeated correlative letters but it does have a consonant
  5. It is better that all bathrooms have it

Keep going down to find out wordle solution for today:

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