Britney Spears’ father calls for an end to his daughter’s guardianship

It only took a few weeks for everything to collapse like a house of cards. Britney Spears’ father has officially asked the courts to end the guardianship regime that has governed the singer’s life for 13 years. The documents were filed this Tuesday in Los Angeles by Jamie Spears who now believes that his youngest “is entitled to ask the court to seriously consider whether this guardianship measure is still necessary”.

“Guardianship has helped Miss Spears get through a major crisis in her life, to recover and move forward in her career, to put her finances and affairs in order. But recently things have changed.”, he emphasizes. A rather unexpected turnaround on the part of the sixty-year-old who, three weeks ago still, had agreed to withdraw “in good time” uniquely.

“After exposing his misconduct and his indecent plan to try to wrestle a multimillion dollar deal, Mr. Spears has now surrendered. There is no deal.”Britney Spears’ lawyer said in a statement to People. He nevertheless promises to continue “his investigation into financial mismanagement” from his client’s father. At the beginning of the summer, the main interested party had denounced for the first time publicly “an abusive guardianship”. “I want to get my life back”, she hammered, echoing the movement #FreeBritney who is campaigning for his release. Her fans’ fight could end at the next hearing on September 29 if the judge gives the 39-year-old back the keys to her own daily life.

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