Mobilization of hunters: more than 40,000 people throughout France

It was the decision of the Council of State to ban certain traditional bird hunts that ignited the powder. But hunters have felt stigmatized for years and they said it loud and clear on the streets on Saturday. In Mont-de-Marsan, Amiens, Forcalquier, Caen and Redon, tens of thousands of people, dressed in their traditional orange battered vests, defended a culture and almost a way of life.

Everywhere, family parades, rather good-natured, 5,000 people gathered in Redon (Ille-et-Vilaine), more than 40,000 throughout France. They tell of a fractured France, feel stigmatized, victims of harassment. This week, the government sided with the hunters against the Council of State to authorize some of these traditional hunts. One more gesture towards this decidedly very courted electorate, the president had already granted them a halving of the price of hunting licenses at the start of their mandate.

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