Ebru Şahin and Cedi Osma: what happened to their marriage

Turkish actress Ebru Sahinfamous for her leading roles in “Hercai” and “Destan”, and her boyfriend Cedi Osma, a successful basketball player wearing the Cleveland Cavaliers jersey, responded about the wedding plans. Here we tell you how it goes.

Ebru, on September 14, 2021, accepted the marriage proposal of Cedi Osmanwho asked for her hand in the attractive and special setting of Cappadocia.

The news of the commitment has been welcomed by her family, friends and fans, who already imagine the 27-year-old Turkish model dressed in white, leaving the church with the great love of her life, but when will they reach the altar? ? This is what the couple responded about the wedding plans.


The actress Ebru Şahin and her boyfriend, the basketball player Cedi Osman, although they could not be together on February 14 due to work issues, the Cleveland Cavaliers player arrived in Istanbul on February 16, where they were captured by the press.

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I was in the United States. But for us, February 14 was February 16. We made it up.” The beautiful 27-year-old actress Ebru Şahin, on the other hand, said: “Cedi is coming to Istanbul and being with me right now is the best gift.”

The couple was intercepted by the press when they were in a vehicle in Zekeriyaköy and this was answered by Cedi Osman, 26, to the marriage question: “There is nothing planned at this time. It will be at the right time.”

Ebru Sahin and Cedi Osman have a good time together (Photo: Ebru Sahin / Instagram)
Ebru Sahin and Cedi Osman have a good time together (Photo: Ebru Sahin / Instagram)


Ebru Sahin and Cedi OsmanCurrently, they are considered one of the strongest couples in Turkey and despite the fact that the actress is very busy with the recordings of the series “Destan”, both manage their time to live beautiful moments.

But what has been known is that the love between them was born at first sight, or rather, Cedi Osman was shocked with Ebru Sahin since he saw her.

She is the chosen one. I knew it the day I saw her. I have the ring since last year, I plucked up the courage and offered it. It is the best event of my lifeOsman said. MORE INFORMATION HERE.


The love between Cedi Osman, who plays basketball in the US, and Ebru Şahin, began in Alaçatı in the summer of 2020. After more than a year of dating, Cedi Osman surprised his beloved when he asked for her hand on September 14. The act that was the most traditional, with the basketball player kneeling in front of her and holding an engagement ring. Later, we see them together with their hands intertwined, dancing and giving each other a tender kiss.

“I said yes”, Ebru Sahin wrote on his Instagram account along with the images of this emotional and magical moment. For his part, the athlete was not far behind and also uploaded the photos with the description: “He said yes.” After sharing the photos, the congratulations were not long in coming.

Although the romance began discreetly, when it became known that they were already a couple, both the protagonist of “Hercai” as the player of the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA have not hesitated to use their social networks to shout to the world the love that exists between them. MORE INFORMATION HERE.