“Dance with the stars”: who is Bilal Hassani, the queer icon who will dance with a man?

"Dance with the stars": who is Bilal Hassani, the queer icon who will dance with a man?

He spoke of it as a dream many years ago. Bilal Hassani can now tick one more box on the list of his desires, he who joins season 11 of “Dancing with the stars”. The singer has already marked the history of the TF1 program even before its launch on September 17. Why ? He is the very first personality to be able to perform with a same-sex partner. A small revolution that was accompanied by glowing comments on social networks but also more annoyed reactions.

He hammers home his desire to “be himself”

Free, proud and assertive, Bilal Hassani fascinates as much as he disturbs. But has been tracing her course with her head held high since her very first appearance on television. He was only 15 years old in 2015 when he stood out in season 2 of “The Voice Kids”. The teenager seduced the coaches with his cover of “Rise Like A Phoenix”, the winning title of Eurovision a few months earlier. Like Conchita Wurst, he will also participate in the famous competition. And like the Austrian artist, he will also play with the notion of gender.

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It is on YouTube that he first spreads his wings. Bilal Hassani takes care of his style, multiplies the covers of his favorite artists like Ed Sheeran and Aya Nakamura, and expresses himself on more personal subjects. His coming out awakens “Trolls Who Stoke Hate Just For Fun On Twitter”. Homophobic insults and death threats against him are increasing. But the young man is holding on.

The best reward comes to him from the French public, who made him his representative for Eurovision 2019. Hymn to tolerance and difference, his title King only ranks 16th. But offers him unprecedented media exposure.

In the space of a year, Bilal Hassani released his first album, performed at the Olympia, was named LGBTI personality of the year at the OUT d’or and published his autobiography. A work entitled Singular in which he hammers his desire “To be himself” despite the reviews.

Queer icon, he appears with his boyfriend on social networks and makes his wigs his best friends. The proof, all have a small name and are particularly pampered. Will “King” Bilal also be crowned winner of “Dance with the stars”?

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