Breakdown on TF1’s 1pm newscast: explanations

“It’s totally new”. By taking the air at 1 p.m., this Thursday, February 18, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau came to announce to TF1 viewers that the channel was not able to offer them their usual newscast. “We are not in a position to offer a single report, we have a huge technical problem here. We apologize for that. As a correction, I wanted to take the air to tell you that. To tell you also that if this problem was to recover, we would come back to the air. “

A few minutes earlier, around 12:40 pm, the server where all the subjects prepared by the editorial staff are hosted was in fact completely inaccessible. After the explanations of its presenter, TF1 is launching an issue of the magazine “Reportages”. Behind the scenes, all the channel’s technical and editorial teams are mobilized to honor the mid-day information meeting.

All 13H topics on

A solution will be found with the help of correspondents in the regions, who will send their subjects back to Paris through another channel. Finally, at 13:37, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau meets the viewers to present a shortened version of the news, preceded by the weather forecast.

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By the end of 1 p.m., Gilles Bouleau and his teams were already hard at work to find viewers at 8 p.m., in the best conditions. In a press release, the management of the TF1 group indicates that it is currently mobilized to resolve this technical problem, specifying that it is not linked to a cyber attack.

Until then, you can find the topics offered at midday on our site and below:

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You will be able to find Marie-Sophie Lacarrau from Friday February 19 for a new 1 p.m. of TF1.

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