VIDEO – “The Voice All Stars” – Jenifer devastated by the departure of Al.Hy: “I’m leaving the show”

It was the talent that had marked her the most, all editions combined. Jenifer had a very bad experience with the elimination of Al.Hy this Saturday at the end of the Cross Battles, one of the most difficult events for both talents and coaches. Launched last year, this event folds the cards of the show, because all moves are allowed between the coaches who must imagine the best combinations to hope to send their proteges to the semi-finals.

Challenged by Jenifer who chose to send Al.Hy, Patrick Fori decided to bet on Flo Malley, the very first candidate to appear in the blind auditions during the first season. Very stressed before the test, Al.Hy chose to sing Life on Mars de David Bowie. “I find that she has everything it takes to be a great artist, even a great star. She is so pure and honest that there is nothing to touch up”, estimated his coach just before his performance.

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The Voice All Stars – Al.Hy chante “Life on Mars” de David Bowie (Cross Battles)

For his part, Flo Malley bet on Alter Ego by Jean-Louis Aubert. The talent chose to dedicate this title to his father, who lost his wife. If the two talents delivered a bluffing performance, the public decided to send Flo Malley to the semifinals with 54.4% of the votes.

On video

The Voice All Stars – Flo Malley chante “Alter Ego” de Jean-Louis Aubert (Cross battles)

“I’m shocked. I’m leaving the show. I’m not continuing”, Jenifer launches in shock. “Frankly, I’m a little confused. I admit … I absolutely should not react like that. But I am in the most total incomprehension. I am extremely disappointed”, she explains. “It is a battle that should not be done “, notes Florent Pagny.

Faced with the coach who is overwhelmed by emotion, Nikos Aliagas tries to calm her down. “We have fun, we play a game with artists”, launches the presenter. “We have fun, we all learn and what we feel is that we want to see you more”, he tells Al.Hy. “I will tell him a lot of things, but outside of this plateau”, concludes Jenifer devastated.

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