Costa Rica will export pineapple to Israel after reaching a bilateral agreement

San José, Feb 21 (Latest).- The Government of Costa Rica reported this Monday that the country’s producers will be able to export fresh pineapple to Israel after reaching a bilateral agreement.

The State Phytosanitary Service signed an agreement with Israel’s Phytosanitary Protection and Inspection Service, after several years of exchanging information on pineapple cultivation and the pests associated with that crop, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock detailed.

“Based on the observations made, the Pest Risk Analysis was recently completed, which will allow the importation of fresh pineapple from authorized provinces under a system approach in order to minimize the risk of pests associated with the product,” explained the director of the Costa Rican Phytosanitary Service, Nelson Morera.

The local authorities indicated that since 2017 there has been a fluid exchange of information and in 2019 the Israeli phytosanitary authorities made a visit to different pineapple production sites to verify the production conditions, crop management and the pests present.

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During the process, it had the support of the National Chamber of Pineapple Producers and Exporters, from the pineapple production sector, as well as the Foreign Trade Promoter (PROCOMER).

“Under the agreement, there will be a six-month trial period to assess the country’s ability to meet the requirements of the systems approach and provide shipments free of pests regulated by Israel,” Morera said.

The systems approach process consists of production sites and packing facilities that must be registered with the State Phytosanitary Service and inspected.

These spaces must maintain a product traceability system and a record of the activities carried out throughout the production process, as well as apply integrated pest management and standard operating procedures in the packing facilities.

The Phytosanitary Service will be in charge of verifying compliance with what is indicated in the agreement throughout the process and will carry out the inspection prior to export, likewise the Israeli authorities will carry out another inspection upon arrival of the product in their country.

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Pineapple is one of Costa Rica’s main export products with sales of 1,014 million dollars in 2021.

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