18 kilos lost, lungs 75% infected: Moundir takes stock of his Covid

Moundir is better. But his experience with Covid-19 has left its mark. In a message posted on his Instagram account, the ex-adventurer of “Koh-Lanta” and candidate of “Dance with the stars” lists the consequences for his health of his contamination with Covid-19.

“15 days of hospitalization, 4 days of resuscitation, 18 pounds lost, 6% of my muscle mass gone, lungs 75% infected, relearn to walk, relearn to breathe, relearn to bathe, relearn to fall asleep. , no, that doesn’t just happen to older characters. “

Moundir Zoughari, 47, posted on Monday a chilling photo of his arm swollen by infusions, injections and various samples.

“I had resigned myself to accept my death”, wrote Moundir on April 2 for his first speech since his admission to the emergency room of the Tenon Hospital, in Paris, on March 22, following respiratory failure linked to Covid-19. It was Inès, his wife, who had revealed his hospitalization, responding to worried messages from her husband’s fans on Instagram.

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“Your prayers, your love, your support, your messages from all over the world have reached me in intensive care thanks to my wife whom I love so much”, he thanked them.

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