Brunella Horna did not appear on “America Hoy” and Janet Barboza attacks: “I told you I was not going to make ends meet”

Brunella Horna surprised this Monday morning by not appearing on “América Hoy”, a program she joined a few weeks ago to accompany Janet BarbozaEthel Pozo and Edson Dávila ‘Giselo’.

your companions They noticed his absence after the issuance of a note in which he realized who the participants of the special edition of “This is War” could be. for its tenth anniversary, which will premiere tonight at 7 pm

“All very nice, the 10-year-old, but to all this… And Brunella? Don’t tell me she put it down?”asked the popular ‘Giselo’. “My dear ‘cockatoo’ I thought you were not going to realize”, replied the popular ‘Rulitos’.

“I did realize when I got to the dressing room and I asked everywhere: ‘Where is Brunella?’ I have been alone in the dressing room”, said Ethel Pozo, stunned by the unexplained disappearance of the partner of former congressman Richard Acuña.

True to form, Barboza wasted no time adding: “Well, now that they realized… nobody pays any attention to me, it’s because they don’t listen to me… I told them that I wasn’t going to make it to the end of the month, I told them”before which the claims of his companions did not wait

“No, no no, that’s evil… I told Brunella come with your Florida water”added Edson sarcastically, while Christian Dominguez uncovered another hypothesis: “Suddenly she is going to be in ‘Esto es Guerra’, suddenly she has been summoned”.

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“How is she not going to be if she has been presented as the brand new driver of this season? This is the work of Mrs. Janet.”added the daughter of Gisela Valcárcel, to whom Barboza responded with a laughs: “The only certain thing here is that (the drivers) do not last us.”

Janet Barboza comments on the absence of Brunella Horna in the program