Ricardo Mendoza defends himself after controversy: “I’m like ‘Habacilar’, canceled”

Ricardo Mendoza and Jorge Luna, drivers of “Speaking Eggs”performed a private and free show after the controversy generated by the actor, who was recently criticized for a “joke” he made about the sexual assault suffered by a girl.

In an episode titled “End of Pre-Season [NO FUI YO, FUE RICHAVO]”, Ricardo Mendoza again apologized for his comment, and true to the style of his program, ironic about what happened.

“It has been a difficult time, really. My mom is very worried, she came to my house yesterday and I didn’t want to see her because I don’t want to see anyone. Normally when I feel bad I go to see my mom, I must confess, but it’s the first time I haven’t wanted to see her“, he pointed.

“He went to my house even though I didn’t want to and I took it upon myself to make as many jokes as possible so that he would leave. He told me: ‘Son, I’ve come to visit you’. ‘Get used to it,’ I told him. He asked me: When do I see you? In four years I told him”, added the actor who participated in “Asu Mare.”

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“Honestly, I’m scared, I’m upset, I’m sad. I honestly want to laugh with you today. I also honestly apologize, I’m sorry… Let’s not add more, please. I’m like ‘Habacilar’, canceled”, the comedian pointed out.

“Laughing at something is not accepting, it is not promoting, it is not any of that. Comedy, according to Sigmund Freud, is two or more clearly identifiable ideas that converge with each other… I’m afraid they’ll censor me, that I won’t feel comfortable on stage againhe clarified.

Why is Ricardo Mendoza, comedian from “Hablando Huevadas” and “Completala”, criticized on social networks?

Ricardo Mendoza, presenter of “Hablando Huevadas”, became the target of harsh criticism on social networks for making a “joke” about the sexual assault suffered by a girl.

The “joke” made by the comedian was during an edition of the YouTube program “Completala”, where Mendoza shares driving roles with Norka Gaspar.

Norka told in her online program that she witnessed the sexual assault suffered by a minor on public transport. Far from being outraged by this testimony, comedian Ricardo Mendoza came up with the idea of ​​making a “joke” about it.

After realizing his public mistake, the comedian decided to apologize, but it was too late. “Damn son of a bitch, if you’re looking at us, thanks for watching… But the joke is very good, but it’s wrong. I want to apologize from here.” Mendoza said.

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