Yves Duteil: 75 songs and a book to celebrate his 50 years of career

He released 75 songs to celebrate half a century of his career, 50 years of life mixed with music and poetry. In his autobiography, he tells about his parents, his life as an environmental mayor for 25 years and the story of his passion for Quebec. “It was not at all painful to write this book. It was very sweet, on the contrary. It brought out some very beautiful memories”, he tells us.

It also tells about love. Her name is Noëlle, her muse, her companion, her ideal. For her, he wrote a magnificent song of which we offer you a small extract. “She put my life in order, but above all she turned on the light”, also gives us the artist. To mark this year, Yves Duteil is publishing a book and records to breathe deeply into an enchanted journey.

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