My Region, My Action: Jason, actor in the introduction of quinoa in Anjou

It is in Anjou that quinoa is mainly cultivated in France, notably under the leadership of Jason, an American expatriate in Longué-Jumelles in Maine-et-Loire. “In 2006, our daughter was diagnosed with gluten intolerance” explains the producer. So the family moved away from wheat for quinoa, but since it was a bit difficult to find, they quickly realized that there was potential. One would be tempted to think that quinoa only grows in the Andes, but the climate of Anjou is favorable to its culture. Indeed, the region is neither too hot, neither too cold, nor too humid.

“My job is to bring farmers the best seeds possible” Jason says. “Every day, you have to observe, reflect, analyze and find solutions for the following year”. Initially, there were about fifteen farmers producing quinoa, today there are no less than 300.

The introduction of quinoa in Anjou, allowed farmers to find an alternative to wheat and corn and thus diversify crops and preserve the richness of the soil. Cultivated for 10 years, it represents a third of the quinoa consumed in France.

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