Meet the prestigious designer who made Daniella Chávez’s wedding dress

It seems unbelievable that someone as exposed as Daniella Chávez, who exceeds 15 million followers on Instagram, has her partner in the shadows. But that’s how it is. The Bunny has been in a relationship for 16 years, but she never shows it on the networks and very little is known about him.

Just a few days ago Daniella He got married in the United States and his fans learned about it from a summary video of his wedding, which he published on the camera network. The model also posted some photos of herself showing off her beautiful white dress with a gash on her left leg.

Daniella She chose the firm Sima Couture, the prestigious German firm that has an incredible variety of wedding dresses. In addition, they have a great team of advisers so that the future wives come to choose the garment that they will use in one of the most important moments of their lives.

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The designer in charge of Sima is Silva Erkoc. Her design style is known for an extravagant and glamorous fit, just the way she prefers Chavez. Her dresses are handmade in her own studio with stunning detail. She herself accompanies each production so each dress is unique and offers something special.

The international brand attracts brides from all over the world to the Duisburg and Paris stores. In addition, it is well known on the networks since it has more than 400 thousand followers only on Instagram. However, he has not published photos of the Bunny; A special request by the model has not transpired.

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