VIDEO – Anik (“The Voice”): “I am living the adventure of my life thanks to the French”

His story seems to have been written by a screenwriter so many twists follow one another. “It looks like everything is going like in a dream”, enthuses on the other end of the line Anik, who is now one of the last 16 talents of this season 10 of The Voice. The 48-year-old Quebecer almost could not pass her hearing blind, recorded a few days after France closed links with Canada.

Drafted during the battles, she qualified on the wire after the knockouts this Saturday, April 17. “I’m so happy to be going through this”, she slips without ever forgetting to quote Alexis and Sonia, her young comrades who did not have a chance. Because Anik is always in the sharing. Despite the ocean that separates us.

Your journey in The Voice is a series of happy coincidences. Did you pinch yourself every step of the way to make sure you weren’t dreaming?

Absolutely, that’s a nice way to put it. When I was told that I couldn’t come to France just before the blind audition, I couldn’t believe it. It was the dream of my life that, finally at 47, was coming true. We had been working in the shadows in video with the production for six months. It was not possible for me to miss this chance. At the last minute, I managed to get my permission to leave Canada. My battle with Arthur was epic. When Marc Lavoine chose him, I was very happy for him. When I was stolen by Amel Bent, I was in heaven but I was once again unhappy when I saw that Alexis was losing his place. It was still played at the last second. There was this same emotion with Sonia on the knockouts

You knocked out the coaches with “Everything” by Lara Fabian. Why did you choose a breakup song when you didn’t want to part with the show?

Amel Bent had said that she had not been touched by my interpretation of “All by myself” during the blind auditions. It sure is a performance song for sure, I can understand. I wanted her to be able to hear my emotion and I worked for when she wasn’t even my coach yet. At some point, you have to scratch the sore as they say. Press where it hurts. Pierre-Yves, the vocal coach, really managed to strike a chord with me. When I left the stage, I was very happy.

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While there was only one place left on his team, Amel Bent preferred to wait to hear from you before making his final choice. More than your coach, is he your guardian angel?

Really yes (she laughs). She knew how to read inside me. The whole team of the show was respectful of the person I am, of my background and that is priceless. Ever since Amel hit the beat buzzer she’s been number one in my heart (she laughs).

On video

The Voice 2021 – Anik sings “All” by Lara Fabian (KO)

On video

The Voice 2021 – Anik chante “All by myself” de Céline Dion

Amel Bent recalled that “the profession of singer was very thankless for women” that were put aside after a certain age. At that moment, do you say to yourself that the adventure ends for you?

I knew that this sentence was final for the future but I did not yet know in which direction. Some say I’m a professional singer, but I work behind the scenes. When your dream of a little girl doesn’t come true, you question yourself. At the start of the adventure The Voice, I was asked why I was taking this risk at my age. I was already dragging luggage behind me, but I rushed forward with my head down and trusted in life. Amel said that in my place she would have given up a long time ago. I never stopped believing in what I could give. I did not have this gift for nothing, I have to share it. Older men still have this opportunity to be heard, women much less. Amel understood this journey and left the door open for me.

At 48, you are among the last 16 talents of the season. Amel Bent describes your presence on the show as a “message of hope”. Is that a definition that you like?

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Really a lot, yes. I have been teaching singing for a long time and among my students I have women of 40, 50, 60 who dream of singing. You have to have fun. Life moves on and we quickly enter a gear. We have to earn a living, take care of the family and we no longer take care of our dreams. My relatives supported me so that I could live mine. The doors must be left open to women of a certain age who have not been able to make their voices heard. If my story in The Voice inspires even one person, I will be very happy.

Coaches have praised your powerful voice from your blind hearing. You are even “the voice of the program” according to Amel Bent. It’s a hell of a compliment …

I can’t believe it when I hear this. It is extremely touching to hear all of their comments. Seeing Marc Lavoine cry is something. I am living the adventure of my life thanks to the French. I get so many great comments. A lot of women write to me to tell me that they think what I do at my age is beautiful. I even teach singing to French people on video now.

I have been compared a lot to Celine Dion in France (…). It’s the best compliment anyone can give me– Anik

Marc Lavoine, your former coach, assures you that you are “an exceptional woman”. What will you take away from your collaboration?

It is still true. When he’s happy, when he’s angry. He is a man who deeply loves people. The battles were recorded in December. I arrived in Quebec on the 23rd and 24th, I had a call from Marc when I was no longer in his team. He wanted to know how I was, he told me he was sorry to have separated from me. When my battle aired, he called me again the next day. He doesn’t have to do that. He is very emotional. That’s why I absolutely wanted to be with him at the start.

The next stage, that of cross-battles, is unprecedented in France. How do you understand it?

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It’s a little worrying because we don’t know what to expect. But I’m going to confess something to you. Apart from blind auditions, all other steps are different from The voice in Quebec so for me, it’s always a surprise (she laughs). At each step, we choose a new style of song to show a different side of us. So for the cross-battles, I would like to fly to something faster.

The eight finalist talents who will access the live streams will be nominated by the public present on the set. Is that extra pressure?

It sure is a bit scary. I come from Quebec, I am older, I am a vocal singer and I know that in France it is less fashionable. I have been compared a lot to Céline Dion in France, never in Quebec where we have several references of vocal singers. It’s the best compliment anyone can give me. Based on the many messages of encouragement I get, it’s going to be okay.

Apart from still believing in it as Lara Fabian would say, what can we wish you for the future?

Whatever the outcome, I would like to be able to find the French people whom I find erudite, cultivated, polite. I really loved being around you so I hope that The Voice will not be the end of an adventure but the beginning of another with the French.

On video

The Voice 2021 – Arthur VS Anik sing “Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie

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