Why is Pete Davidson only following Sebastian Stan and Kim Kardashian after returning to Instagram?

The verified Instagram account of davidson made his appearance on Wednesday with his identifier @pmdwhich means the full name of Peter Davidson, Peter Michael Davidson.

Although the account currently has no posts, Davidson only follows two people, his girlfriend, kim kardashian and the actor Sebastian Stan.

It’s obvious why davidson follow kardashianthe couple has gotten closer and closer since they started dating late last year.

However, Davidson’s choice to follow the star of “Pam&Tommy”Stan, has left fans a bit confused.

It’s unclear why exactly Davidson has given one of his limited following to Stan. It is possible that this is a nod to an upcoming collaboration or an expression of friendship.

Interestingly, Stan doesn’t even follow the comedian, so it seems like a very one-sided friendship.

Fans think that Sebastian Stan and Pete Davidson may have a project together.
The two don’t appear to have had a public friendship, so fans think this could be a sign that something is afoot for the couple.

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It could also be a hint that Stan could appear as a host on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ although no announcements have been made about future celebrity guests.

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