Where to find cheap gasoline near my location? Websites and apps to fill the tank

After a 2021 breaking records, the end of the year brought us several drops and the hope that the price of gasoline was going to normalize. But no, it was temporary, since the price of gasoline and diesel has conquered this week new historical records for both fuels, driven by the rise in the price of oil, which is unstoppable in its rise towards the level of 100 dollars per barrel.

The price of gasoline continues to skyrocket

Specifically, both fuels have chained their seventh consecutive rise this week and have already accumulated a rise of up to 8.5% so far this year. The average price of a liter of gasoline has stood at 1,575 euros, thus adding its third historical record in a row, after becoming more expensive by 1.09% compared to last week, according to data from the European Union Petroleum Bulletin Collected by Europa Press.

For its part, the average price of a liter of diesel has beenThis week at 1.462 euros, rising 1.24% compared to seven days ago, and thus establishing a new historical maximum, after last week it equaled the 1,444 euros that it marked in September 2012 as a record until now.

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Where to find cheap gasoline near my location?

In this way, the price of fuel, after the truce given at the end of 2021, when it chained up to five weeks of falls, continues with the climb that began with the start of 2022. Since the beginning of the year, the average price per liter gasoline accumulates a rise of 6.5%, while diesel has risen 8.5%.

And since prices will remain high, it’s time to use imagination and science. Science like the one behind various mobile apps that serve something great for the long-suffering driver: find cheap gas stations with the lowest prices. In itself their science is that they are applications that compare fuel prices in seconds at different gas stations on a mapand that can lead to saving you up to 10 cents per liter, 10 euros per depositwhich makes a difference when filling the tank without a doubt.

Gasoline and Diesel in Spain

Gasoline and Diesel Spain allows you find the gas stations in Spain with the best prices on all types of fuel: Gasoline 95, Gasoline 95 No Protection, Gasoline 98, Diesel, Improved Diesel, Diesel B, Diesel C, Biodiesel, Bioethanol, LPG and CNG. The app initially shows you the best Gasoline 95 prices in a 15 km radius, but you can customize everything you need, such as showing the gas stations in a list or represented on a map; activate automatic or manual location; or calculate a route and show all the gas stations along the way.

It also has a search system with filter of favorite brands that you like to refuel, and “The prices are taken directly from the website of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism”.

Download Gasoline and Diesel in Spain for Android

Now in Gasoline: Cheap Gas Stations

‘Save on Gasoline’ is a simple and very easy to use application that shows the price of the gas stations closest to your location and the cheapest ones. With this free information you can save up to €10 every time you fill up the deposit. You will be able to plan the report in advance with the new route manager, which shows the cheap gas stations close to the established route. And if you’re away from home and don’t know the area, It will take you to the nearest gas station.

Download Now in Gasoline for Android

GasAll: Gas stations in Spain

An app that has been active since 2008, GasAll is the pioneer in terms of cheap gas station applications. facilitating updated price information, indicating the distance and the fastest route to reach the gas station, the app shows the closest gas stations to your position or those in any part of Spain thanks to its search engine by address or by area. You’ll be able to take advantage of promotions, review previous gas prices to calculate when the lowest price will be available, and search for stations even by the consumption and capacity of your car’s tank.

Download GasAll for Android

Download GasAll for iOS

OCU Gas Station Calculator

In August 2018, the OCU carried out a study of fuel prices in Spain in which it identified significant savings of up to 300 euros for gasoline vehicles and 250 euros for diesel vehicles. When analyzing the data collected in each province, comparing the most expensive with the cheapest, the result of the average savings that the consumer can obtain is 17% in gasoline and 18% in diesel. In some provinces the savings may be higher.

In Gerona, for example, for cars with a gasoline engine, savings can reach up to 26%. The same percentage found in Granada for diesel engines. In the case of the Canary Islands, the average saving reaches 34% due to factors such as insularity, distribution costs and the special taxation applied on the islands. The provinces in which the least savings can be achieved are Teruel and Lugo in the case of gasoline with a saving of 10% and this same Galician province in the case of diesel with a saving of 11%.

Face affacilitate consumer savings, the OCU has a online tool in the form of a gas station calculator to find the cheapest one near your home. It shows information not only on diesel and gasoline, but also on liquefied gases (LPG) and biodiesel. You just have to put the address of your housethe fuel type what are you looking for, the tank capacity of your car or motorcycle, and the space in kilometers from the search area. With these 4 pieces of information, the calculator will find the cheapest gas stations near you.

Find the cheapest gas stations on Google Maps

As with the position of fixed and mobile radars, Google Maps is also able to inform you where you can save some valuable pennies every time you have to refuel. Because Maps ‘hidden’ a valuable comparator with updated figures on petrol stations that are on all the Spanish roads, their location and how much do they sell for a liter of fuel.

And activating it is very simple. Simply do this:

  1. Abre Google Maps
  2. Mark the position you are in, or the destination you are going to
  3. Now, at the top of the interface, Put the word ‘gas station’ in the search engine.
  4. In an instant, Google Maps will show you in that area of ​​the map where you are or where you are going, all the gas stations there are, with the minimum price per liter of gasoline.
  5. If you click on one of them, you will get gas station specific information and options to reach, call, the reviews of other users, the price of different fuels such as Diesel, Lead Free 95, Lead Free 98, etc.
  6. On the map screen showing all the gas stations, look at the bottom of the screen for the ‘View list’ option and give it
  7. Now, that visual information of the map will be shown to you like a listing Also, with the prices.
  8. The best thing is that, since we are talking about Google Maps, if you are interested in refueling at one of the specific gas stations, click on it so that Maps establishes the route and tells you how to get there.