A McDonald’s employee shows how nuggets and fries are prepared in just three minutes

A McDonald’s employee who reveals the secrets of the fast food chain has achieved great popularity on TikTok, where he currently has 1.3 million followers.

under the name @essentialmcdonalds, the user posts videos about the most popular products of the American giant. In them, he explains how different recipes are prepared, how the restaurant’s machinery works, as well as revealing other curious facts about McDonald’s.

These contents about the chain’s day-to-day activities attract a great deal of attention from Internet users and most of its videos go viral, with some exceeding 20 million views.

In two of his videos, the worker recounted the process of elaboration of the famous ‘nuggets’ and french fries. The publications already reach 12.6 and 9.4 million reproductions, respectively.

First of all, the person in charge of preparing the chicken ‘nuggets’ check that the oil in the fryer is fresh, comparing its color with two indicator lines. If the tone is correct, the ‘nuggets’, which arrive at the restaurant frozen in a bag, are placed in a metal basket. After shaking it so that the pieces are evenly distributed, the employee places the basket in the fryer, where the meat cooks for three and a half minutes. When removing the basket, it is shaken again to remove excess oil.

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As for the fries, the process is almost identical. The potatoes, previously prepared and frozen, are removed from a storage tank, placed in the basket and placed in the fryer for 3 minutes. After the first 30 seconds, the basket is removed and moved to check that they do not stick. They are then put back into the fryer until the time set on the timer expires. Then add the salt and they are ready to serve.