Shanice eliminated from “Koh-Lanta”: “Vincent signed the death warrant for the yellow guys”

At the of “strategist”, she prefers that of “player”. Thinking head of alliances in the yellow team, Shanice was brutally eliminated from “Koh-Lanta” this Friday with one voice – that of his former teammate Vincent. A “treason” that she will not forget while recognizing “playing badly”. She returns to LCI on her adventure with disconcerting honesty.

The Reds were talking about eliminating Myriam even before the immunity test. And surprise, it’s your first name that was hiding in the urn. Did you expect it?

Five minutes before leaving for the council, it was hot. I told myself that I had never been so in danger. And as soon as I see the first Shanice, I know it’s done and that Vincent has betrayed me. I got along well with all the reds and knew they didn’t want to vote against me at all. If they did so at that point in the game, it was pure strategy and because a yellow had necessarily held their hand.

You say that Mathieu’s departure has “made even more want to play”. Has your appetite for strategy cost you your spot?

I do not believe. The word “strategy” is unfortunately very badly connoted in France. So I never say that I am a strategist, but that I am very playful. I want to have the best shots, the smartest shots for the team. But I didn’t have the next shots. I think what cost me my place is the desire and love of others to follow me. I am very proud and honored. It probably scared Vincent too. Everyone followed me to Laure, he knew it. He said to himself: “She’s too scary. Everyone loves her, no one will vote against her. It’s time to bring her out.”

Before leaving the camp, you deliver a calm speech, in contrast to that of Aurélien who had accused the yellows of “not to have brains”. Yet you had reason to be angry. Why not have expressed it?

It is a very good question and it is true that I ask myself it. Obviously, I am very disappointed to be gone but I am sad. Because I know that Vincent signed the death warrant for the yellows. It annoys me ! All I wanted was to protect our team but he ruined all our efforts. When Miriam and Thomas tell me that they are going to avenge me, it doesn’t make me happy. Why am I not showing it? Surely not to drive the point home, to leave with their heads held high and tell them that it’s okay, that it’s a game and also to allow them, why not, to forgive Vincent. I confess that I do not know.

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We shouldn’t have put pressure on Vincent in this way, we were stupid– Shanice

Vincent’s change of course, is it understandable or unforgivable?

For me, it will always remain a betrayal because that’s how I lived it. But on my side too, I played badly. I should have understood, I who often say that I have emotional intelligence and that I really like people, that Vincent had that sensitivity and that he had to be reassured. I should have told him that there was no four-way strategy with Myriam, Thomas and Mathieu and that he was not the fifth wheel of the coach. I promised the yellows to make all the reds go. And I only have one word. To think two or three moves in advance is good, ten it was not possible. For having watched a thousand “Koh-Lanta”, I know it never works like that! (she laughs)

Why not have tried to eliminate Magali or Arnaud and thus have the assurance that Vincent is following you?

Because I absolutely wanted to play well. I watched “Koh-Lanta” so much, I wanted my family to be so proud that I was stubborn. For me, removing Magali was absolutely useless. She’s not even red, she’s orange. She does a little bit what she wants and it’s a very nice game too. But strategically, it was unnecessary. I know that a pair on the show is extremely strong. They are always the ones who go the furthest. We had sworn allegiance to Maxine so there was no need to vote against her. It was necessary to remove Laure and still today, I am convinced of it.

Do you regret that you threatened Vincent to eliminate him on the next advice?

I understand that watching the episode we can say that. I’m not denying at all that the yellows put pressure on Vincent. We shouldn’t have done it that way, we were stupid. It was 5 minutes before the board, it was ridiculous. When he asks me if it’s a threat, I say yes because I want to tell him he’s going to be in danger and I don’t want him to be in danger as a member of my team. Again this is a mistake, I explained it badly to him. At no time, even if he had voted for Magali, would I have held it against him. I will have done everything so that people forget that and that we stay yellow at all costs. It was badly said, it was badly done on my part. I’m totally wrong.

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So you don’t want to see Vincent come out on the next show?

Not at all ! I want the yolks to go as far as possible. At this point in the game, I want it to be a red that comes out and that is Laure (she laughs).

There has never been a four-way alliance. I never promised them that– Shanice

The white team born of reunification, is it a total illusion? Will a yellow stay yellow, and a red one will stay red?

In any case, it is my absolute dream. Afterwards, I’m sad because I know that it rarely happens on “Koh-Lanta”, that Myriam and Thomas will hold it against Vincent. Maybe Laetitia too. It bothers me, I wonder how they’re going to hold up.

Last week, you said to do everything so that “the girls in this Koh-Lanta are good”. But in this episode, you do everything to break up the Laure / Maxine duo. Isn’t that a bit contradictory?

It’s contradictory but as long as it protects my yolks, I’ll do anything. As Jonathan is immune and I don’t really see Arnaud’s impact on the Red team at the time, I know the smartest thing for the yellow team is to remove this pair. If it had been a male pair, I would have voted the same way. It’s horrible, but I no longer even saw them as individuals, but as a pair that had to be broken (she laughs).

You gave your black vote to Miriam. Is that a sign that she’s the one you want to see win?

Not at all. I give it to her because she gave me this comfort. It is one of my fondest memories of this adventure and it is thanks to her. It was the least thing to give him. To be completely honest, I was as close to Myriam as I was to Laetitia, as close to Vincent as to Thomas. There has never been a four-way alliance. I never promised them that. The mistake I made was that I was so moved and happy to be with them in the comfort game final that I said: “this is the dream finale”. But what I mean is that it’s beautiful because they are the two pairs at the start of the adventure – and in addition they are obviously yellow (she laughs). I understand that Vincent may have wondered what that meant.

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Who do you see winning this season?

It’s difficult, but I would like it to be Thomas or Laetitia, Flavio, Myriam… A yellow no matter what! Still not Vincent, should not be abused because I am still annoyed to be out. But I would prefer Vincent to all the reds (she laughs).

Myriam promises that the rest of the adventure will be “crispy the way you wanted it”. What was your plan if you weren’t eliminated?

I wanted to make all the reds leave, and most recently Magali because we knew that she had no wedding ring and that she could return her jacket very quickly as needed. When she says “crispy”, I think she wants to tell me: “don’t worry, Laure is next”.

By participating in “Koh-Lanta”, you wanted to prove to yourself that you could move forward on your own. Despite this early elimination, did you accomplish your mission?

Honestly Yes. It’s crazy because the show is called “The Secret Weapons” and I realized that my daddy had left me the weapons so that I could get by on my own, that I was doing very well. well and that love for people was the most important thing in this world. I even had it on “Koh-Lanta” so I won everything for myself.

If you had to rate your adventure out of 10, you would put …

This is the most difficult of questions! (She laughs). It shouldn’t seem pretentious either … (she thinks). For the human side, I would put a nice note: a 7.5. The remaining 2.5 are the continuation of the adventure that I would have liked to experience.

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