Disney’s Snow White kiss is controversial

The “cancel culture” grabs Snow White. In question ? The famous kiss given to the heroine by Prince Charming to wake her from the sleep in which she was plunged by the witch. On the occasion of the reopening of Disneyland Park in Anaheim (California), closed for 400 days due to the health crisis, the attraction suffered the wrath of two columnists from the San Francisco Chronicle, one of the most important daily newspapers in California.

They blasted the merry-go-round which now includes a finale called “True love’s kiss”. If they recognize that the new imagery is “breathtaking“, they point the finger at this scene. “A kiss that he gives her without her consent, while she is sleeping, cannot be true love if only one person knows what is going on”, explain Katie Dowd and Julie Tremaine.

“Haven’t we already agreed that consent in the early Disney films was a major issue? What to teach kids other than kissing, when it hasn’t been established that both parties are willing, n is not acceptable? “, they continue. “It’s hard to understand why Disneyland, in 2021, is choosing to add a stage to such backward ideas about what a man is allowed to do to a woman, especially as the company is currently emphasizing on the elimination of problematic amusement rides “, they conclude by tempering their words. “This final scene is beautifully executed – as long as you watch it as a fairy tale, not a lesson in life.”

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