“Sometimes I get annoyed”: tennis player Alizé Lim talks about her experience at HPI

“A noise, a look, a packet of crisps.” Nothing is enough to attract Alizé Lim’s attention, and sometimes at her expense. Identified as a person with high intellectual potential at the age of 8, the young woman has since tried to tame this sixth sense which often plays tricks on her, both in her personal life and in her sports career. She recounts her experience in a book due out on May 19, Praise of the unconditional, testimony of a zebra on the court.

Still small when it was announced to her that she was part of the 2.3% gifted in the world, Alizé Lim did not immediately understand what that implied. “For me, that meant above all having facilities at school, skipping classes, but no one explained to me too much what that meant”, she confides in the TF1 report at the top of this article on people with high intellectual potential.

A sixth sense?

Concentration problems, cerebral hyperactivity, emotional crises … Growing up, Alizé Lim tries to manage as well as possible these hazards linked to high intellectual potential. The discovery of tennis at the age of 14 allowed him to find a form of inner peace. “Tennis allows me to stop analyzing everything and living in the present moment. It’s like my animal instinct is taking over and my brain is shutting down. It’s a real pleasure.”

But even in tennis, emotions eventually take over. “A noise, a look, a packet of crisps that will remind me of the last time I ate crisps, but what kind of crisps it was and it’s true that the time before … And in fact there is a point that just happened and I just lost it “, details the companion of former basketball player Tony Parker, who is always annoyed “over-analyze.”

Sometimes I get annoyed, I say to myself ‘that’s enough shut up, I want to sleep’.– Alize Lim

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“There is a form of brain hyperactivity that kicks in that you want to get rid of, whether it’s to fall asleep at night or to concentrate during a match and not over-analyze the 40 strokes. that the other has just hit during the last minutes “, she continues, before concluding: “Sometimes I get annoyed, I’m like ‘that’s enough shut up, I want to sleep’.”

When at 27, Alizé Lim discovers the book by psychologist Jeanne Siaud-Facchin Too intelligent to be happy ?, it’s like “an earthquake.” In this book, the specialist, who founded the first support centers in France for high intellectual potential, explains the suffering sometimes linked to being gifted.

A relief for Alizé Lim. “I told myself that I was not crazy. It also relieved me of many things and allowed me to take on many others”, says the young woman. Since then, she has regularly seen Jeanne Siaud-Facchin, who helps her better understand her emotions. Long-term work, but one that seems to be bearing fruit. “Before meeting Jeanne I had a tendency to often get out of the box and feel guilty. I did a lot of things at the same time – tennis, television, designer clothes – and it was frowned upon, because I didn’t have looked concentrated, but I couldn’t help myself, because it fed me. Since I know Jeanne, I allow myself. “

So, blessing or curse? Difficult to say for the young woman. “It depends on the day, but we will hope that it is 80% a blessing, because next to emotional crises, 80% of the time, it is also the ability to marvel for nothing at all. , it gives a lot of strength.

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