The Culture Pass open from middle school and generalized to all 18-year-olds

Emmanuel Macron has already said it: the next decade must be that of youth. With less than a year before the presidential election, the Head of State also wants to send signals to this youth durably hit by the health crisis.

As such, he will announce on Friday a major extension of the Pass Culture, a 2017 campaign promise, tested in several territories since 2019, which aims to facilitate the access of 18-year-olds to the cultural world through an application making available to them, for 24 months, an amount of 300 euros.

Generalization to all 18-year-olds

According to the information provided to LCI on Thursday, Emmanuel Macron must announce the generalization of sesame to all 18-year-olds on Friday during a trip to Nevers, a way of marking the long-awaited cultural deconfinement, in particular by the young public.

The device will therefore allow all young people aged 18 to benefit from this amount of 300 euros, or 800,000 eligible people from Friday. To do this, all you have to do is download the Pass Culture application.

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The system extended to the college

Emmanuel Macron is also due to announce on Friday that the Culture Pass will be open to middle and high school students from the 4th grade, for an amount of 200 euros (25 euros in 4th, 25 euros in 3rd, then 50 euros per year in high school). In total therefore, the device covers an amount of 500 euros for each young person between college and the 18th birthday.

The device has been tested since 2019 in 14 departments including Nièvre, where the President of the Republic is going on Friday. According to the Élysée, 125,000 young people have used it at least once. In 2021, three quarters of purchases concerned books, bought in bookstores, the Culture Pass does not allow payment on online platforms. The Élysée also promises, on this occasion, to “strengthen mediation to seek more priority audiences, more distant from culture”.

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