Chrome OS Flex, this is the new operating system for your old PC

One of the things that users pursue is that they have a good operating system. Everyone chooses their own, since even if you have a PC or a device from the bitten apple, there are ways with which you can install another operating system to the one that comes standard. But when a computer becomes obsolete there are only two ways: either you get rid of it or do anything to reuse it as you see fit.

But in Google they give you a solution so that you continue using it almost like the first day and that is to use Chrome OS Flex. We tell you what the new operating system is like.

Google presents its new lightweight operating system for computers

The operating system is a vital part for all computers. It is what allows you to work with the machine at all levels and give it the category of personal computer, although this also depends on the type and version chosen. But among the most popular we find Windows, iOS and Linux, which will now be rivals of Chrome OS Flex.

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Yes, the big G has launched a new operating system, a very light one to adapt to even the oldest computers as long as they work. What do we mean by an old computer? Well, one who is up to 13 years old. Surprised, right? But this is not the only surprise that the big G has up its sleeve.

Updates at the same rate as Chrome OS

One of the most striking things is that Chrome OS Flex adapts to the hardware of each device with a purpose: to make it work again in the most efficient way possible. The software is lightweight and the company has said it will go hand in hand with updates to Chrome OS.

This is very good since it will put your old computer on a par with the company’s newest ones, although the downside is that you won’t be able to install Android apps. In addition, another of the features that has been promised is that they will have a fast startup, they will not slow down over time, great news that only means stability over time of use.

In addition, it can be managed from the cloud, which is important for managing group machines destined for work.

It can already be downloaded, but in an enterprise version

One of the things you should know about Google’s new free operating system is that it’s already available for download. However, you may encounter some instability at first due to its testing phase. You can download it from the website Chrome Enterprise and follow the steps that the website tells you to correctly install the software.