Horizon Forbidden West and the evolution of Aloy through her voice

The day has come. Horizon Forbidden West is now available for PS4 Y PS5. One of the most anticipated releases of the year 2022 lands to offer us a sequel that exceeds our expectations. More and better, with all its expanded and polished sections. It is also somewhat continuous, as in the fact of repeating voice actress who plays Aloy, the protagonist of this story already turned into a saga. In the case of español we have Michelle Jenner, known for both her acting jobs and voice acting roles. We talked to her about the entire process of filming Horizon Forbidden West, her assessment of her game and Aloy’s character, and much more. We tell you.

Michelle Jenner, a long professional career

Paco’s men, Isabel, The Cathedral of the Sea, Juliet…there are many television series and movies in which we have seen Michelle Jenner. What you don’t get to see but you do hear is her voice, recognizable for having played characters as relevant as Hermione Granger in the first four films of the Harry Potter saga or the protagonist of the modern version of Beauty and the Beast (2017). In addition to play Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn and repeat the role in the sequel at hand, Michelle always tries to combine both professions so as not to leave any aside:

“I am combining my acting jobs with those of a dubbing actress quite well. Normally if I’m in a series, in which I don’t have as much time, because there isn’t as much room for dubbing, but when there are a few months more free, I always try to find some dubbing role because it’s something I love”, he tells us, “I am grateful because despite these times I can continue working. Now I am participating in A Ciegas, a film for Netflix by the Pastor brothers. I also have The Heirs of the Earth pending, which is the continuation of The Cathedral of the Sea and at the moment that, with more projects for this spring of 2022”.

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Aloy’s evolution through her voice

It has been five years of waiting to play this sequel, but in the internal plot of the game, not much time has passed since Aloy faced HADES in the outcome of Horizon Zero Dawn. However, all her experiences have made her mature and become an even stronger woman and warrior, ready to face the dangers that lie in the Forbidden West:

“We are going to meet an Aloy who has matured, evolved and has to face new dangers, since the Earth is on the verge of collapse, so she must discover what is happening and how to solve it. At the same time, she is going to find things of hers from her past that change her forever, ”says Michelle,“I love his spirit, his character. The warrior that she is and how she fights to protect that planet and for saving that nature and everything that is going a little to the fret. She fights and doesn’t care what she has to experience in order to reach that end, which is to save the planet”.

As for the recording process, Jenner tells us that it has involved a huge number of hours of recording and different shots that has multiplied what was worked on the original game (and therefore does not give an idea of ​​what this sequel entails at the level of magnitude):

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“We started in February 2021 and if I remember correctly they have been like about 150 hours of recordings. You work with the audio wave and you know what the character is doing at that moment, the action that is happening, but you don’t see anything on the screen. You have to get into that situation and record many variants, because depending on how the player plays, one thing or another will happen. You have to record all those possibilities and know how to convey with your voice what the character is living, doing and feeling at every moment, whether it’s fighting against a machine, having a conversation with someone or whatever. There are days when they tell you “today is the day of the fights” and you get all the shouts, the “Ay”, “Au” and of course, that is much more tiring. But hey, with patience, little by little and doing the best possible”.

On the other hand, she is excited about having been able to play an even more mature version of Aloy again, in addition to ensuring that she is looking forward to playing the game, something that she still could not do at the time of this interview: “Well, the first with great enthusiasm because they wanted to count on me again because I had a great time recording the first game. And I also had that interest in discovering what he was going to face now, what woman was going to find me and the truth is that it is spectacular. It has been a very extensive job, it shows that everything has been expanded much more. If the first one was already many hours of work, this one has been more than double. One last”.

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On the other hand, Michelle tells us that since she was very little she has always been very playful and that her partner in virtual adventures was her brother. She currently does not have as much time to dedicate to video games, but she stands out The Last of Us Parte II as one of the last ones he played: “The first one already seemed brutal to me and this one the same, wonderful,” he says. In addition, he points out that if he could play any video game character he would choose Ellieeven if it is a complicated and challenging role.

Finally, we ask you to rate the keys that you consider remarkable about Horizon Forbidden West, without spoilers, to further increase the level of expectation: “The game is even bigger than the first and visually the level of detail in the game is impressive. every plant and pore of the nose of Aloy and all the characters. It’s amazing, the new machines and tribes, everything…If the first one was already incredible and you can think that they can’t do it better, with this sequel they surpass themselves”.