“A French Affair”: the mini-series on the Grégory affair wants to give “the point of view of all the protagonists”

It is one of the greatest legal puzzles of our time. Monday, September 20, TF1 will unveil A French affair, his mini-series on the Grégory affair. The murder of this 4-year-old boy, found drowned in Vologne in 1984, hand and foot tied, continues to raise passions and questions, more than 37 years after the tragedy. Who killed the child? And why ? Who is this mysterious crow claiming the crime?

Directed by Christophe Lamotte (The First Forgotten, Part of Suspicion), and created by Jérémie Guez (Sons of Philadelphia, Bluebird) and Alexandre Smia (Le Bureau des Légendes), A French affair takes us back with precision and emotion into this tragedy which has seen many twists and turns. Aimée Buidine and Julien Madon, the co-producers of the mini-series, tell us more about this project which claims its neutrality.

Why a fiction on the Grégory affair?

Aimée Buidine: Fiction was born from the desire of the creators, Jérémie Guez and Alexandre Smia, to offer an anthology series around various facts that have become social facts. And the first case they thought of was the Grégory affair, which we have always heard about, and which fascinates everyone.

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What is the bias of the series?

Aimée Buidine: The idea was to capture this story in an immersive way, but without ever becoming sensationalized. From the start, there was this idea of ​​a choral series that gives the point of view of all the protagonists. This matter still not being resolved, it was necessary to be very careful.

We have not contacted anyone, to respect the neutrality of the series– Julien Madon

Does fiction shed new light on the case?

Julien Madon: Yes, but from a societal point of view, not judicial. What interested us was to see how, in the light of continuous information, this case marks the beginning of that era. At the time, the media interfered in people’s privacy and they did not hesitate to influence the investigation and the justice system. Today, it has become commonplace, but at the time, it was amazing to see that.

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Did you ask the protagonists of the case, especially the parents, for permission before producing the series?

Julien Madon: We have not contacted anyone, to respect the neutrality of the series. Either we contacted everyone or we did not contact anyone. However, in agreement with the channel, we had called one of the lawyers of the Villemin couple before the announcement of the shoot, because it is their intimate story. We wanted to inform them. But it turns out that they already knew, because they had the information on the Internet of a casting for the fiction.

Do you expect passionate reactions on the air?

Julien Madon: I especially hope that there will be a debate on the intervention of the media in this affair, as well as on the legal treatment and the relentlessness of which this family was the victim. But we are right in our boots, and we believe that the series is not really attackable.

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