The loves of José López Portillo

Carmen Romano Nolk
The wedding took place in 1951, six years after he graduated as a lawyer and eight years before he entered public service through the Institutional Revolutionary Party, an organization in which the politician spent his entire career. Carmen was by his side when he was secretary of the National Heritage, director of the Federal Electricity Commission and Secretary of the Treasury.

Lopez Portillo He was very condescending to his wife, who spent time in Los Pinos from December 1976 to November 1982. It is said that in addition to redecorating the official residence and the gardens, Carmen was also involved in the style of the gyms that the then president had ordered to be built on the spot. She even celebrated the first birthdays of her grandson, Rafael Tovar Lopez Portilloin the courtyard of the now cultural complex.

López Portillo, Carmen Romano Nölk, José Ramón, Carmen Beatriz and Paulina
López Portillo married Carmen Romano Nölk and had three children: José Ramón, Carmen Beatriz and Paulina. During his six-year term he met Sasha Montenegro with whom he would later have two children and would marry in 2000. It is said that he also had another daughter in the 80’s.

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They had three children, Carmen Beatrice (director of the Sor Juana Cloister University), Jose Ramon Y Paulina; but they divorced in 1991, after more than 40 years of marriage. Romano Nölk passed away in May 2000 at the age of 74, and she is remembered for being a great promoter of music and art, the consolidation of the DIF as a state institution and the now defunct National Fund for Social Activities.

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